Trendy & Fashionable Skirt Types That You Should Buy in 2019


Skirts are all time favorite for girls of all ages, and this is the reason designers keep experimenting and introducing new styles of skirts every day in the market. Since you already know about-lineA line skirt and pleated skirts, we would not be discussing them here. Half of us don’t know the names of so many popular skirt types but love their appearance when a celebrity wears that. So today we will be discussing the top 5 Trendy & Fashionable Skirt Types That You Should Buy in 2019-

1.Pencil Skirt

Pencils skirts are one of the most favorites of designers as well as girls. It is a skirt with a narrow and straight cut, and takes the shape of the body so as to enhance the woman’s curves. Pencil skirts were usually worn as an office outfit, but recently it is being experimented with a lot of outfit types such as crop tops, one piece dresses etc. Here are some of the pencil skirt variants available-

Patterned Pencil skirt

All over pencil skirt outfit style


Leather pencil skirt

Denim pencil skirts

2. Mullet Skirt

Also known as “high low skirt”, mullet skirts are those which are higher from the front and lower from the back. Due to this shape, they are also referred to as asymmetrical or waterfall skirts. The style was initiated in the Victorian Era when women used to wear them in the form of gowns. With time, it emerged as a fashion trend and today mullet design is available in one-piece dresses, skirts, tops etc.

Hot Red Mullet Skirt with see-through Top


Various designs and colors in Mullet Skirts

Mullet skirt can be floral and layered and look great with Gladiator sandals


Mullet skirts are even available in denim material

3. Gypsy Skirt

Gypsy skirt, also known as hippie skirt, boho skirt, peasant skirt, broomstick skirt etc, is a long and wide floral skirt, usually with a wide area and flowy appearance. It is usually patterned or having one basic color .the skirt originated during the times of Romani people, who believed that women should cover their lower halves for modesty. Today women carry this skirt as a style statement. The Gypsy skirt looks very trend with off shoulder and crop tops.

 Floral patterned Gypsy Skirt

Asymmetrical patterned Gypsy Skirt


Coffee colored Gypsy Skirt

4.Sarong Skirt

A sarong is a long fabric which is wrapped around the waist. It was usually worn by the Indonesians. But today it has emerged as a fashion statement, and women are loving to wear sarongs, especially during their beach visits. Sarong skirt is a ready-made skirt type which gives the appearance of a sarong. It looks really stylish and unique when worn with a crop top or frilly top.

Sarong Skirt


Ready to wear Sarong Skirt

5.Bubble Skirt

Well if you are a bubbly girl, then bubble skirt is a must-have for you. Bubble skirt is usually a short skirt which was hugely popular in the 80s but is making its comeback in 2019. It is called a bubble because of its shape since it is made with balloon styled silhouette. A bubble skirt creates an illusion of thinner legs and looks best with fitted tops.

Bubble skirt enhances the look of your waistline


It also makes legs look thinner and toned


Bubble skirts are usually worn with tight fitted tops

So we hope you learned a lot about various types of skirts today.

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