Top 5 Ways To Instantly Get Rid Of Body and Facial Hair


With the new technology and techniques, everything can be made easier. However, for women there are a lot of struggles, be it getting instant hair removal creams before going to a party or waxing unwanted hair before a date, believe me, the struggle is REAL.

Now, let us talk about facial hair growth. It is one of the most problematic factors for women as it is the face value of a person that counts to an extent. Facial hair removal techniques were used even in the early ages of time, only the ways and methods have been updated. It is just the knowledge that we need to apply to look stunning and hair-free, smooth and beautiful.

So without wasting any more time let us discuss How to get rid of facial hair growth with inexpensively and easily-

1.Instant Hair removal Devices for Hair Removal


If you want an instant face glow with no hair, it is the hair removal devices that the most useful, as it is mobile and convenient at any point of time and anywhere. It can cost a little more than the other ways that I will be talking about, but the result here will definitely be good and it also lasts longer.

2. Threading/Waxing Method to eliminate facial hair


These are the methods that people generally use, and it is obvious! Waxing and threading are easy, convenient and effortless. Although, it might pain to pull out the hair from the skin. However, it is believed that these methods are much easier than the others and also it takes out the hair from the root which leads the hair to grow at a slow rate.

If you are looking for something more groomed and fine, then waxing and threading is of great use.

3.Shaving Method to kick off  Hair Growth


Life is so much easier after the invention of razors. How can a woman survive without a razor is a big question now! A good razor is all it takes to get a fabulous skin instantly. But, of course, there is a negative side of it too! Keeping all of that in mind, it still is an important thing for a woman. There are a lot of branded razors which will provide you with that smooth finish you long for!

With a shaving razor, a shaving gel is mandatory as it keeps the skin healthy and clean. These are some of the things to keep in mind before using a razor.

Shaving is the easiest method because it is effortless and instant. A razor is a woman tool that cannot be replaced or removed.

4. Instant Hair Removal Creams  


How can this point be excluded from the list, when we are talking about hair removal. With a good and genuine brand, instant hair removal creams also work at the best. Plus, hair removal creams are time savvy and easy to use. However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that the hair grows faster and with the dense amount but if it is for the instant result, this is the product!

5.Natural Method of Facial Hair Removal


Everybody loves natural products, as we all perceive them to be harmless. The older women always recommend using natural beauty remedies. Natural products are not ‘instantly effective’ and need some time to give desired effects. But as we all know  ‘hard work is sweeter than anything else’, we should give it a try too.

For making a home/natural remedy to remove the unwanted hair, we need these ingredients below-

  • Honey
  • Egg White
  • Sugar
  • Lemon
  • Turmeric

All you have to do is, melt the sugar and whisk it with egg white, lemon, honey and turmeric. Keep it in a standard temperature for the sugar to not get hard.

Apply it on your face like the upper lips and the lower lips or anywhere you prefer. Let it dry and pull it out. The hair will come out with it and you will find a very beautiful hair-free face after that. Just put some moisturizer cream after the application of the product. It closes the pores and the hair growth is decreased.

6.Ayurvedic Products to remove facial Hair


Sometimes all that helps is the ayurvedic products and remedies as it has no side effects is a bonus! If you find it hard to use the home remedies as it takes time, you can go for the ayurvedic products to remove facial hair as they are natural and effective. Ayurvedic remedies have a high demand because they are the finest and safest methods of hair removal. All the ingredients from the above home remedies can be found in these readymade products such as -Honey, lemon, turmeric and more. And it is all up to you to make the best of it.

All the above mentioned points are very realistic and used most frequently. Hair growth is the most irritating and uncomfortable one and with modern days there are more methods and new ways coming . However, the above methods comes with less expense and can be use instantly, most of it! How can a hair growth can  be stopped is still a question but let us try and find out of ourselves which is best for our skin and our comfort. Every woman have a different skin type and different ways to deal with this. Some women have less hair growth, some have more and it all depends on the particular person how she will deal with it. Although, facial hair growth is different in this case as most of the people clean or wax or shave the face.

Use the above methods and find out for yourself and let us know which one worked best for you!

(Written by Angelina Sarkar)




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