Top 5 Net Dress Designs That You Should Get In Your Wardrobe


Fashion trends are being changed continuously and various types of dress materials, designs etc. are being introduced in the arena every day. An evergreen trend that is being circulated amongst a lot of girls recently is the net fashion. Did you know that even the net is segregated in a lot of varieties and not just a single one?

Here we will be discussing various types of net types and dress designs available in them, so that you definitely get at least one of them into your wardrobe-

1.Crochet Dresses

Crochet dresses are one of the most popular and evergreen trends for celebrities. A lot of designers are experimenting on it, and as a result, the fashion market is flooded with a lot of variants of crochet. We have crochet tops, dress, skirts, tunics etc.


White crochet dress with floral lacy crochet layers, which gives an elegant as well as a girly appearance. This dress looks really feminine and is apt for the perfect date or prom night.


Transparent and stretched blue crochet dress for a feminine and antique look


Red crochet lace dress perfect to be worn on a date

2.Fillet Crochet Dresses

Filet Crochet is a variant version of the crochet.The only difference is the appearance of grids in the net fabric.




3.Fishnet Dresses

Fishnet designs have been worn by the women for a long time. There has been a trend of wearing fishnet stocking with jeans or shorts and skirts. But recently, women have started wearing one-piece fishnet dresses too.

Fishnet stockings along with Jeans has been an evergreen fashion statement for girls.

Fishnet see-through one-piece dress

Some of the bold and sexy fishnet style one-piece dresses are up in the market


Elegant black fishnet dress was boldly worn by Kim Kardashian

4.Jacquard lace dress

Jacquard lace dresses are one of the most searched and popular types of lace dress and are in the trend currently.

Jacquard floral pink and black dress.

Greyish black one-piece dress with jacquard lace sleeves


Royal Blue one-piece dress with golden Jacquard lace designs.


5.Bobbinet dresses

Though these dresses are usually fit for wedding and other occasions, bobbinet dresses look very elegant and classy on almost every body shape. This style of net is made with hexagonal mesh and is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Purple Bobbinet one Piece dress

Ocean Blue one piece side cut bobbinet dress design


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