Top 5 Must have Footwear Types for Girls | Comfortable yet Stylish

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 

This quote is very much apt. But what if you don’t own the right pair of shoes?

Having a comfortable pair of shoes is very much important. But it doesn’t mean that you should go out of your home in sneakers. Footwear should always be selected on the basis of these parameters-

1. Comfort-The right pair of shoes will always help you overcome all hurdles, but a shoe set which is not comfortable at all is a burden. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing while walking, it will bring down your confidence and personality as well as make you feel irritated and hurt.

2. Elegance-While comfort is a priority, you cannot match a pair of comfortable sneakers with a party dress. So your shoes should also be elegant enough to match with the outfit you are wearing.

3. Quality-While buying any pair of shoes, always keep in mind to buy the best quality of footwear, the cheaper ones will be harmful to your toes, sole and toenails, and you will come back home with swollen feet!


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So coming back to our topic, let’s us talk of the Top 5 Must have Footwear Types for Girls-

1.A pair of Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are not just comfortable but very stylish too! This type of footwear are must have in every shoe rack, and important especially for casual days when you have to rush here and there in public transports, or other tiring works. So every girl must have a stylish pair of flat sandals into her footwear collection!


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Those times have faded away when sneakers were used to be worn only with jeans. Today it is being worn with casual shorts, skirts, and even one piece! The right pair of sneakers goes well with any kind of dress. They are super comfortable and classy. Remember footwear is not just for style,but also for comfort!

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We have talked so much about casual dress up, you may be feeling that something elegant is missing. You are wrong!
Mojris, also known as “Punjabi Jutti” is a Punjabi(Indian) footwear which looks best with ethnic outfits such as Anarkali suit, Salwar Kameez etc. While some from the west may be unaware of Mojris, a significant segment is already familiar with it and have already started using it. Even brides are wearing these Juttis on their wedding day. So why not experiment with your footwear collection and buy a pair of Mojris?

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4. Gladiators

Gladiators are something which is very unique and stylish. They look best with short dresses such as skirts and shorts. Gladiators make your legs look longer while covering them in a stylish way. So a pair of Gladiators is a must have for your footwear collection!


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5. Block Heels

Block heels are one of the latest trendy footwear of the year. These are easy to wear, comfortable and very stylish. Unlike heels and stilettoes, they do not hurt your feet, while providing the same stylish look as them. So Block heels are a must have if you like wearing heels but fear foot sores.

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We hope you liked our blog. Let us know which pair of footwear out of this list is still missing in your footwear rack in the comments below-

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