Top 5 Must Have Makeup tools – for Beginners


So you just finished your High School and are about to step to College, but know nothing about Makeup?

Whilst girls of your age might already be a pro in makeup-knowing uses of various types of makeup brushes and primers, you are someone who only knows the difference between a packet of Lays & Cheetos.

Can relate to this? Then stay tuned-

What you think about your 1st DIY Makeup

What you actually do

Doing makeup is a lot much than you think. But wait-we do not intend to make you feel useless. After appropriate knowledge and DIY Lessons, even a beginner can become a makeup pro in a matter of days!

This article would help you know the very basic makeup tools, which are a must-have for every college going girl or for someone who is new to makeup lessons.

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1.BB Cream

Let’s start with the very basic step of MakeupPreparing the skin

While applying foundation makes skin look clear and bright, regular usage of it can clog pores. It’s also a big no for using foundations on hot summer days. So the best choices are using BB creams-especially for beginners.

You must be thinking what is a BB Cream.

In simple words, BB cream is something that is lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers.

BB creams offer multi-tasking-They give you a good base for makeup like a primer, even out complexion like a tinted moisturizer, cover minor imperfections and redness like a concealer, hydrate your skin like your day cream, brighten and perk-up a dull complexion and some will even protect with SPF. 

How to use- Just take a little bit of BB Cream on your fingertips, spread over your face in dots and then blend it using either your fingertips or makeup brush.


2.Nude Lipstick & Red Lipstick

Any Makeup is incomplete without Lipstick. If you are new to this Lipstick market-I would suggest you try nudes first. The benefit of using nude lipsticks over tinted ones is that it gives you a more natural and fresh look. Another benefit is that they are less eye catchy and thus apt for everyday use.

However, if you are going to a party and unsure about the lipstick you should carry-then I would suggest you use Red lipstick as it gives your face an instant boost and your face looks more fair and glowing.


Kajal or Eyeliner is something which is a must-have for every girl’s Makeup bag as without it your eyes look swollen. One day you skip your kajal, and everyone would keep asking you if you cried last night.

Well, you must already know how to apply it. But the one thing you need to know before buying it is that it must be smudge proof-otherwise you will end up looking like a panda at the end of the day!

How to use- Start applying the kajal(for the lower lash line) from the tear duct of the eye towards the edges. Apply 3-4 strokes to get the appropriate kohl color.

Do the same procedure with eyeliner(for the upper lash line). The only thing you need to remember is the point where the kajal ended should meet the point where the eyeliner finished, and you can extend the eyeliner from that point as shown in the image.


4.Brow pencil

Brow pencil is something much more than you think! It is surely a must-have makeup tool for a beginner.

Brows are one of the most important features of your face which can play a big role in describing how you look. While wide and fuller eyebrows give a younger look, sharp and narrow brows give an old look to your face. So always try to keep your brows fuller.

In order to achieve the ideal brows– remember to get the rightmost shade for your brows. Too dark shades can make you look like an angry bird.

How to use- The brow pencil should be applied in light strokes. Using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with the pencil. Brush through brows to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines.


5. Natural Blush

Well, we all know what a blush is-but here we are not talking about that bright pink or red ones. What we need to have here is a nude, lightest shade of pink, brown or orange. The rightmost shade of blush will make you look like you are blushing or having naturally tinted cheeks-whereas the bright shade will make your face look heavy and too formal.

How to use-Lightly sweep your brush through your powdered blush. Apply the blush to your cheeks and then use a separate clean brush to blend well. Brush downward at the end of blending to allow your facial hairs to lie smoothly on your skin’s surface. Use a tissue to dab off the excess blush powder by keeping it on your cheek and gently but continually pressing makeup sponge on the top of it. Some of the blush can also be applied as eyeshadow-but remember to use as less as possible.

So yes here was your first lesson on Makeup. Buy, try and let us know if it helped you out in the comments below ??

Stay tuned for more advanced lessons on makeup!

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  • October 30, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    Very well-written article

  • December 22, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Since I have just turned 18 and started doing makeup thank you for telling this much needed 😃


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