Top 5 Foundation Hacks to Look Flawless this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we know that your preparations are on in full swing. He will finally confess his love for you and you got no chills!

Beautiful dress – checked.

Sexy heels – checked.

Hair accessories – checked.

But what about the perfect makeup? You got to be shining like a princess for your knight in shining armor! So how to get closer to your prince charming this Valentine’s day?

Audit starts with the very basic – the foundation!


Foundation is the very basic aspect of any makeup type. For looking good,you need to have that flawless foundation, which hides all the imperfections under its perfect finish and does not look unnatural. Worry not we have got you covered with the Top 5 Foundation Hacks to Look Flawless this Valentine’s Day to make your man go speechless when he sees you!

1. Bring that natural shine


Here’s the best foundation hack I have ever used and trust me it never goes wrong. After applying your primer and before the foundation take your golden eyeshadow (golden highlighter works too!) and scrap some of it in your palm. Then use some liquid highlighter in any shade(optional) and mix them well. Apply with on your nose, the cheeks, your forehead. Basically the T-area and your cheekbones. After about 2 mins apply liquid foundation. There you go! Natural shine that glows all night!

2. Your foundation needs warm up too 


Before applying your foundation on your face, take the required amount in the backside of your palm and use a flat brush to rub it gently. This will warm the foundation which will help it to settle down more and prevent it look cakey and unnatural.

3. Apply foundation all over

I have often seen people doing perfect makeup on their face, but what they forget is along with their face the neck and shoulders needs foundation too so that the face looks good. So while applying foundation starting from the root of your hairs and stroke the liquid downwards towards the neck and the hem of your dress. If it’s a plunging neckline apply the foundation up to that point and mix well with a flat brush. This will give an even tone to all the exposed part of your body that will compliment your look on your special day.

4. Highlight your collarbones and shoulders


Nothing catches fancy as a sexy collarbone! And this has been proved a lot of times. But what we forget is collarbones need highlighting for that hot look and this can be done with simple foundation tricks! No need of extra highlighters or anything. Just apply some foundation(one shade lighter preferred) in a thin line on the collarbone and one shade dark foundation on the sides. Brush it smooth and dab some golden shimmer! Hola! You are good to go!

5. Foundation Toned body


Want to wear off-shoulder or sleeveless dress? Or Is your dress above the knees? But your legs and hands are playing the spoilsport?

We have a solution for this too! And you need is nothing but usual foundation and some golden highlighting powder(eyeshadow also works!!)  apply foundation on your legs and hands and spread it out evenly. Use your fingers to blend it properly. Dab some golden highlighter along the middle of your legs and hands (especially where the light falls). Use flat brush to remove the excess.

See yourself in the mirror! Have you seen your legs so toned before?


So here were the five foundation tricks for the special day that will make you glow from inside. Drop your comments below if you liked our hacks or if you have any amazing cool tricks with you! Also, share your valentines day foundation stories! We are all ears!

(Article contributed by -Princi Dey)

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