Top 5 DIY Easy Eye Makeup Looks | For Beautiful and Sexy Eyes

Eye contact is more intimate than words can ever be

We all agree with this quote. The more beautiful the eyes, the more soothing and memorable is the eye contact!This is the reason many of the celebrities and even normal girls keep experimenting dramatic and beautiful eye looks every day. We may not be knowing but the eyes are the first thing we notice about a person.

A pair of sexy eyes is a blessing. Even not so good looking eyes can be made dramatic and soothing using makeup. So why shouldn’t we learn about it?

Here are 5 DIY Eye Makeup Looks you can achieve in minutes-

1. Smokey Eye Look


In this look, it is the eyes which are highlighted, while the other things such as lips, cheeks, and brows are kept as simple as possible. The smokey look highlights the eyes, and make them look dramatic and striking. In order to achieve this look, you need to choose 3 shades of the eyeshadow color-usually the color is same, only the density of color is different-1 light shade,1 medium shade, and 1 dark shade.

The lightest shade is applied to the inside corner of the eyelid, the medium shade is applied to the entire eyelid, and the darkest shade is applied to the outside corner of the eye, which is later on blended with the lightest shade to give a natural look.

Isn’t it easy to create this sexy eye look easily at home?


2. Cat Eye Look


Cat eye look is an evergreen fashion statement. The slender shape and outline to the eye are very satisfying and alluring. While cats get this look naturally, we can achieve this look too using some simple strokes and a little practice. What you need to do is to take a good liquid liner and start lining your upper lash eye gently, Follow the natural shape of your eyes, and decide an angle where you would like to place the flick. It would be usually where both the lower and upper lash lines meet. Once you find the perfect angle, create a flick using dotted lines if you are a beginner and extend it to a narrow pointy line.

Once done, apply some white highlighter adjacent to the edge of your liner to give a sexy look to your eyes.


3. Nude Eye look


We all love doing eye makeup, but the thing we may not be known is that the natural shape of our eye is perfect in itself. So sometimes we should go for this Nude eye look and keep our eyes simple and sleek.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to walk out of your house with nude eyes. You need to give a slight natural shape to your eyes. You can choose the lightest shade of black or even brown eye pencil and just use it naturally along the lash lines, which will give a natural definition to your eye. Use a white shade of shadow around the inner corners of the eye. You can make a light flick with the eye pencil too. Also, use some mascara or false lashes to further enhance this look.

4. The ‘white eye pencil’ look


There is something very unique with this white eye pencil. It makes the eyes bloom and your eyes start to look more fresh and bigger. This look is being used by many of the celebrities in both the west and east. The white eye pencil can be applied to the inner corners of the eye to enhance the shape of the eye, it can be used on the upper lash line just above the eyeliner to get a dramatic eye look, and can even be used inside the lower lash line to make your eyes bigger and naturally fresh.

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5. The Shimmery Eye Look


This look can be achieved in a variety of ways. One can use shimmer eyeshadow to achieve a bold look of eyes or can use a glittery/shimmering eyeliner to get a more subtle look of eyes, or straightway use glitter gel or cream available in the market. Apart from this we also have glitter pencils. While shimmer/glitter works with all colors, people are more obsessed with the black, golden and silver shades. So if you are a beginner then you can buy a palette with these 3 shades. In order to achieve this look you can go for either the smokey look or cat-eye or even the nude look,the only thing you need to do extra here is to gently dab the glitter eyeshadow,gel or cream to the eye crease,darker at the outer edge of eye and lighter towards the inner edge of eye.

So we hope these 5 looks will be very useful for you and you will be experimenting with all of these looks. Let us know which of these looks suited you the best in the comment section below-

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