Top 10 Places To Visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

I recently planned a visit to the famous Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India, and trust me, my whole trip is so mesmerizing. I am still missing the place. Before visiting the place I was confused where to go, what to book etc. I believe just like me, many other people would also be confused, so here I am sharing a list of Top 10 places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Before discussing the places, let me tell you that contrary to our belief this place is quite safe for visitors and I did not encounter even a single incident where I felt cheated, looted or unsafe. The people at Andaman are very helpful and report that no theft occurs here. Apart from this, the cool breeze and awesome weather will add on to your experience and you will wish to never leave this city.

Let me tell you that Andaman island is a bit expensive in terms of accommodation, and some of the hotels may cost you a lot of bucks. Only 3 people can stay in a hotel room here. The basic hotel charges for Andaman is 2500 INR to 4000 INR and the hotel charges on Havelock Islands is 4000 INR-6000 INR for 1 room. For food, luckily you can get to choose from some cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Seafood and some snack items like Noodles, French fries, Manchurian and fried rice etc.

So lets now continue with our list of Top 10 places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Cellular Jail, Port Blair


Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani(meaning black waters) is located at Port Blair,and is a memorial who is a mute witness of all the tortures vented on Indian freedom fighters, who were separated from their country and incarcerated to spend years of exile in this jail. The jail was completed in 1906 and is termed “Cellular” because of the individual cells constructed inside the place. The building was originally made of seven prongs, of which only, three prongs are still intact.

Today, this place is a visiting spot for many freedom lovers and has been declared as a national memorial. The place is now beautifully decorated with greenery. The place also consists of the Exhibition gallery which is very informative. Apart from this, there is a light and sound show which is run from 5:30 pm onwards, highlighting the facts about the place.

You can see the various cells of the jail, the gallows where the freedom fighters were executed, and other places where they used to work (basically oil grinding), as well as the punishment spots of the jail.

Charges- Entry ticket, light and sound show ticket and traveling cost to the place is what all you need to pay.

Tips-Must attend the light and sound show which is informative and motivational.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island


Radhanagar beach, also known as Asia’s best beach as well as World 7th best beach(by time magazine in 2004) is one of the most astounding beaches of Andaman islands. The island consists of beautiful emerald blue colored waves splashing on the shining unspoiled sand of the beach. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. Apart from its beautiful scenery, the beach offers alluring sunset and sunrise points. The appearance is eye-catching and worth remembering. This place is a must visit for honeymooners.

If you are looking to enjoy the lush green scenery along with the elegant view of transparent blue waves at a quiet place, then Radhanagar Beach is a must visit for you.

Charges- In order to reach Havelock Island you need to book online a private ferry, before visiting Andaman. It may cost you 1200-4000, depending upon how much comfort you ask for. No hidden charges for visiting the beach. You just need to pay for reaching here, which may cost you around 800-1000 INR for both up and down.

Tips-A must visit beach if you are going to Havelock or Andaman.

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Elephant Beach, Havelock Island


Elephant Beach is the second most liked spot on Havelock Islands. This place has so many natural attractions which add on to the beauty of its waters. Fallen tree trunks, Mangrove trees and creek, lush greenery, turquoise colored water, and beautiful sea corals make it one of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Apart from enjoying this natural beauty, there are so many other things that you can do here. This place is famous for sea activities such as snorkeling and sea walk. So if you are adventurous, you must visit this beach to enjoy some of the best corals, and amazing fishes under the waters of this beach.

The price for the ferry that will take you to elephant beach via Havelock dock is 950 INR per person, which consists of complementary snorkeling activity. You can also book your Seawalk activity worth 3500 INR per person.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair


If you wish to visit a beach but are reluctant to leave Port Blair for Havelock islands via ferry, then you can visit Corbyn’s Cove Beach. It is just 7 kilometers away from the main town in a secluded sport of Andaman. It is one of the prominent sightseeing spot in Andaman and a lot of tourists, as well as local people, come here for relaxing as well as enjoying the scenery. The whole beach is surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees, and some small hotels offering refreshments for the visitors.

This place is also a spot from where you can take a boat for the Snake island-known for its deadly snakes. Apart from the snakes, the island is known for the alluring fishes and mesmerizing and colorful corals. Apart from visiting this island, you can also do motorboat activities on this beach.

Charges- Motorboat prices range from INR 400 to 900, depending upon how many miles you cover. For visiting the snake island price is 400-500 INR per person. Apart from this, the taxi may cost you around 500 INR for both up and down.

Kaala Pathar Beach, Havelock Island


This is another beach located on the beautiful Havelock Island and is located inside of big trees, which add to its beauty. Kala-Pathar Beach, meaning Black stone Beach has some beautiful spots for photography such as the beautiful stone beds, the turquoise blue water, the beautiful tree trunks, and the elegant sand bed. Though not as big as Radhanagar beach, this place has a lot of food stalls, market, and beautiful benches to sit and relax with your partner.

Charges- No charges for visiting, you need to pay for reaching the spot which can cost you around 800-1000 INR for both up and down.

Ross and Smith Island Beach


This Island has some historical traces since it was an administrative headquarters for the Britishers, but today is solely a barren island, which has become a tourist spot for people visiting Andaman. The places were vacated by Britishers after an earthquake hit this place in 1940, eventually shifting their work to Port Blair.

A lot of things have disappeared from here after the evacuation by Britishers, but you can still watch a lot of landmarks such as the chief commissioner’s home with its extensive gardens and ballrooms. Rubbles of the church, swimming pool, bakeries, cemetery etc. can still be seen by the visitors here, which sends them into a state of nostalgia.

The Indian Navy has tried to rebuild and preserve some of the old buildings and thus this place becomes one of the must visit places of Andaman for tourists. The mesmerizing view of all the old historic building trapped along the banyan trees engulfs the viewer in nostalgia.

There is a light and sound show which happens in the evening, explaining all the events that happened at this place to the visitors, which commences at 5:15.

Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island


Neil Island of Andaman is known for the Spectacular beaches it homes. Neil-meaning blue is known for its clean and vast blue waters stretching for as far as the eyes can watch. Apart from the alluring blue water, the place has a wide area of greenery, unspoiled and preserved. With all these qualities, Bharatpur Beach on Niel islands is a Paradise for Photographers and nature lovers. The beach is known for its colorful and unique coral reefs, which are inhabited by different species of beautiful fishes and other aquatic creatures. You can take a glass bottom ride to get an amazing view of the coral reefs of Bharatpur Island.

Charges- In order to reach Neil Island from Andaman, you need to get a Private Ferry like Makruzz or Green Ocean. You need to do online booking for the ferry before visiting as it is almost full every time. Apart from it, you need to pay for reaching this place, and for the activities, you wish to do here such as glass bottom ride, snorkeling etc.

Tips- Glass bottom ride is recommended. Must visit place for people who love natural landscapes and blue oceanic views.

Chidiya Tapu


Chidiya Tapu, meaning Bird Island, is another place famous for its mesmerizing landscape and view. The place is a home to various migratory birds and known for the alluring sunset appearance. The place is 25kms away from Port Blair and is filled with Mangrove trees and lush greenery.

Chidiya Tapu is located along with the mini zoo, which homes a lot of flora and fauna species of Andaman. You can view various animals here such as the Monitor Lizard and Deer. Apart from this, the Island also has a beautiful beach, whose waters are known to inhabit crocodiles. Apart from the beautiful beach and mini zoo, a trekking trail is available from the shores of the scenic beach to the grand Munda Pahad, which is an elongated black cliff at the edge of Chidiya Tapu with an open seascape providing a truly magnificent view of the vast blue ocean.

Charges-  The basic charges to visit here by taxi would be 1200-1500 INR by Taxi and 800-100 by Auto Rickshaw.

Mini Zoo has an entry ticket of 10-20 INR. If you wish to explore the zoo in the electric vehicle, then you need to pay 20 INR.

Tips-People who love to view birds and natural scenery are recommended to visit here.

Waters are said to inhabit crocodiles, so people are advised to stay out of waters.

Sunset view is recommended.


Limestone Caves, Baratang Island


This is a place which is not only famous for its Limestone caves but the route through which this place is reached. The route to these caves consists of dense forests crisscrossed by various creeks and tribal reserves. Some lucky tourists may also be able to capture sunbathing crocodiles during their exciting trail!

The famous Limestone cave, located 100 km by road from Port Blair, can be explored with the permission of Forest Department at Baratang and with proper local guidance. Those who enjoy thrilling and adventurous journeys must visit Baratang Island.

Wandoor Beach, Port Blair


Last but not least is the Wandoor Beach. Basically, Wandoor is a small village on the Southern tip of North Andaman. This place is really beautiful, having some great natural landscapes such as fallen tree trunks, alluring trees and pure water of the beach. You can see a lot of goats around the place enjoying with their playmates. If you are looking for a good relaxing spot on Andaman, then this place is highly recommended as you can sit on a beach along with your partner, enjoying the waves and drinking coconut water.

The charges-the place is free of cost and anyone can visit here. The basic charges to visit here by taxi would be 1200-1500 INR by Taxi and 800-100 by Auto Rickshaw.


  • The waters are said to have crocodiles and hence visitors are advised to stay out of the water.


I hope I have covered a lot of information in this blog. If you have any query or need any information or suggestion, please comment below or send an email.

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