Top 10 DIY Beauty Hacks & Tricks to look beautiful in 2020


Everyone wants to look beautiful. But not every one of us is aware of what all beauty hacks are available in the market. While some of the beauty tricks and hacks were only known by makeup artists, today even a beginner is efficiently utilizing these hacks to look beautiful every day. Now, looking pretty doesn’t mean that you need to get expensive tools and branded makeup products, its just little hacks which will make life much easier for you, and make you grab more glances. So here is a list of Top 10 DIY Beauty Hacks & Tricks to look beautiful in 2020

1.Naturally thicker lashes Hack

We all know how tough it is for a beginner to apply fake lashes every day. If you are also looking for an easier way of naturally thicker lashes, then read through this. What you need to do is to take some vaseline on your fingers, and carefully apply over your lashes. Now use your mascara on the top of it. This will make them look thicker and volumized.

2.Oily Nose Hack

Well, 6 out of every 10 females are suffering from oily nose problem every day. Their blotting papers may go out of stock, but the oily nose never gets grease free. So here’s a hack for the ladies with an oily nose-apply an eyeshadow primer on your nose and then spray it with a setting spray. After that apply your foundation. It will prevent your nose from becoming greasy.

3.Dry Mascara Hack

We all don’t use mascara daily, and when we are in a need to use it, it suddenly goes dry and makes our lashes stick together. So if you are also suffering from this problem-use the warm-up mascara technique. Take your mascara and put it close to your body, somewhere where heat can transfer directly to it such as near to armpits, or between your breast. It will melt the frozen granules and leave a better finishing touch to your lashes. Isn’t it a great DIY everyday beauty hack?

4.Foundation check Hack

We all make this mistake while buying a foundation, we match it with the skin of our face, but ideally, we should always match the foundation tone with our neck’s tone and not our face tone. With this technique or we should say “hack” you’re face would neither look too dark not too light and will match ideally with your neck’s skin tone.

5.The Bigger Lips Hack

If you have thin lips and you are thinking of going for lip fillers, but fear the side effects, here’s fuller lips hack for you. Outline your lips with a dark lip pencil. After this fill in the center of your lips with a lighter lip pencil. Finally, apply a matching lipstick. This hack will give a multi-dimensional look to your lips and they will appear more fuller. Additionally, you can also overline the outer line of your lips but don’t do it too extreme as it will make them look ugly and fake.

6.Brow Lift Hack

If your brows are not fuller or maybe not arched, you can go for this hack. Simply, use a beige or skin colored matte pencil or an eyeshadow and outline your brows with it. You can also use a concealer for it. Blend it to remove any fine lines. This will naturally arch your eyebrows and make them look more shaped and structured.

7.Smudging Lipstick Hack

If you are also suffering from a problem of getting your lipstick on your fingers, hands or cheeks while unintentionally rubbing your cheeks or eating, then go for this hack. What you need to do is to take a blotting paper and put it on your lips. Now taking some setting powder and with the help of a brush gently sweep it over your lips. Now remove the blotting paper. This will not only prevent the lipstick from smudging but also make it last longer.Isn’t it an easy but wonderful hack to keep lipstick in place?

8. Straight Hair Hack

Who doesn’t love straight hair? Everyone! But continuous use of hair straighteners damages our hair. If you want to achieve naturally straight hair without even investing time to it, go for this hair straightening hack. What you need to do is to keep combing your hair while they are wet, every 5 minutes. While they are damp, roll them into a bun and open them after 3-4 hours. Your hair would be naturally straighter than before!

9.Curl without heat Hack

We all love to style our hair,but definitely don’t like to use heat on our hair regularly. Thanks to the cheats and hacks, we can curl them without heat too-Have a look at how to naturally curl your tresses here-How to Curl your Hair without Heat and Curling Iron

8. Bigger Eyes Hack


If you have small eyes and looking for hacks to make your eyes look bigger, then you should read on. There are so many simple ways through which you can make your eyes look bigger. Have a look at how to get those attractive set of eyes here-How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Beautiful | Tips And Tricks  

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