Tips & Tricks For Curly Hair | Haircare Routine For Curls

A lot of websites talk about how to make your hair straight and shiny, but no one ever talks about how to take care of your curls or how to take care of curly hair. If you are one of the girls with curly hair, you may be knowing already about how difficult it is to take care of curly hair. Having curly hair doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything for them, it actually means you need to invest the double of your time into haircare!

Now the question is- Are you taking care of your curls correctly? Do you know the number of people who would die to have bouncy ringlets? They say the grass is always greener on the other side. People who are born with curls do not appreciate the beauty of curls because they do not know how to handle hair that thick and frizzy. On the other hand, people who aren’t born with curls dream of curling their hair and use artificial means to do the same! Truth to be told, maintaining curls isn’t as easy as people think. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and determination. Here are 11 simple, easy and inexpensive ways to maintain curls-

1. Conditioner is for the hair what water is for the body


Conditioner moisturizes the hair follicles which helps your hair grow faster and in a healthy manner.Merely shampooing your hair just dries the scalp and makes your hair prone to damages caused using heat on your hair.While applying conditioner, see to it that you squeeze the hair of excess water and apply it from the root upwards only on the hair; avoid applying conditioner to the scalp as it causes irritation. Doing this on a regular basis can improve the texture of your curly hair.

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2. Use Sulfate free products

Sulfate, a chemical is highly toxic to your hair. Being an irritant, it causes tremendous itchiness, causes extreme hair fall and gives rise to split ends. Sulfates dry the scalp and rid it of all the moisture which makes your hair weak and brittle. They are not very hair-friendly, so avoid using products with contain sulfates.

3. Do not wash your hair frequently


Without moisture, hair becomes brittle and weak and therefore prone to falling, breaking or even split ends. Washing the hair twice or even once a weak for cleansing has a much better effect than shampooing it three or four times a week. Make sure you use a small amount of shampoo suitable for your hair and gently massage the scalp; DO NOT use fingernails to do so or put unnecessary strain on your hair. Curly hair is very sensitive and thus should be managed carefully while washing.

4. A big no to Tying or Brushing while wet


Wet hair is fragile. Harsh usage of a brush to comb your hair makes the hair weak causing hair fall and breakage. Yes, you cannot comb your curly hair when it is dry, but it is advisable for you to use a comb with wider teeth to detangle your hair.Do not tightly tie your hair with a hair tie immediately after a shower. Let your hair breathe for a while and let the air dry your hair up instead. You can part your hair in sections so that you can manage the curly hair easily and detangle them for a smooth texture.

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5. Use a bonnet or a satin cloth while sleeping


Sleeping on a cotton pillow or a cotton cloth does not do your hair any good. Cotton absorbs moisture and therefore makes your hair dry. Fastening your hair with a satin cloth or bonnet does not just retain the moisture but it also maintains the curls. It keeps the ringlets as is and you don’t have to worry about your curls losing shape after you sleep.

6.Moisturize with oil, leave-in conditioners, hair gel and mousse

Use oils that are friendly with your scalp-type. Some people tend to observe a significant amount of hair fall after using coconut-based products because of their allergy towards protein. Use gentler and lighter oils to retain moisture.One of the must do’s to maintain beautiful ringlets is to apply leave-in conditioner as it locks moisture and keeps your hair looking radiant and glowing.You can also apply gel or mousse for better results and better curls.

7.Massage the scalp gently to increase blood circulation

Haircare Routine for Curls

Blood gives hair strength and ensures the growth of hair.Gentle massages on the scalp improve blood circulation in the scalp and provide you with relaxation as well!Make sure to at least massage the scalp once or twice in a week to see the better hair growth and healthier hair, especially to all the curly beauties! Massaging will definitely give life to your lifeless curls and help maintain the beauty of your curly hair.

8.Say 100% yes to air-drying


It is a fact that heat destroys the hair. The heat drains the scalp of moisture, makes hair brittle, weak and lifeless.Air is the perfect medium to dry your hair. It may take longer but it is worth the wait.Do not bounce your hair or touch it when went. Instead, leave it as is and let the air work its magic. Air makes the curls bouncier and gives it more volume.

9.Maintain your curls with a hair mask

The easiest way to make hair mask is to take a bowl, put a few tablespoons of conditioner, mix it with a teaspoon of two light oils each and then heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave. Warm products get absorbed faster by the scalp.Make the hair mask at least once a month and let it sit on your head for 2 hours.The hair mask deeply moisturizes the scalp and helps improve the texture of the hair.

10. Avoid foamy shampoos


Normal shampoos are highly foaming and for some reason, we enjoy creating lather on our head. The more lather the shampoo creates, the more harmful the shampoo is because of the number of chemicals in the shampoo. It is highly advisable to use a less foaming shampoo or a deep cleanser, especially if you are having curly hair.

Products that can be used for curly hair-

  1. Garnier Fructis Hair Food
  2. As I Am Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Tea Tree Oil
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Rosemary Essential Oil
  6. Herbal Essences Hair Mousse
  7. Schwarzkopf Keratin Strength Hair Mousse
  8. Strictly Curls Curl Cream
  9. V05 Frizz Free Cream
  10. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo

(Article contributed by Nicole Serrao)

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