Tips & Home Remedies To Solve Gray Hair Problem Instantly

Getting grey hair is quite natural, and all of us are bound to get them, as we age. But the real problem nowadays is not about great hair, it’s about getting premature grey hair, even when we are quite young!

Well the reason why some of us get grey strands than others of the same age is not quite clear, but one thing is clear for sure that 3 out of 10 people today are getting them. Researches suggest that some of the reasons for premature gray hair is genetics, poor diet, use of chemicals on hair, stress, etc.

Grey hair is a combination of normally pigmented hairs with interspersed with white ones. It is regarded as a sign of aging. While some people find themselves comfortable with grey hair since it is a sign of maturity and wisdom,yet there are many people who are fighting against this change of appearance. It is particularly comprehensible after you meet teenagers with grey hair. There are many interesting methods in this article that will help you in getting rid of grey hair. In addition to that, you’ll realize here a variety of remedies for treating the reason behind the matter.

Before you begin attempting the remedies delineate during this article, you must know why we get gray hair.

First of all, you must apprehend that unremarkably the hair is white. It is colored by melanin that could be a natural pigment made by melanocytes. Each follicle desires the assembly of melanin so as to relinquish the color to its hair. Unfortunately, aging results in the decrease within the production of this pigment. Eventually, the production of melanin stops. Yet, you know that many people have grey hair despite the fact they are young. It is attainable since the possibilities of obtaining grey hair if you’re beneath the age of 30 are 10 percent. When you mature, the probabilities will increase by 20% with every decade.

So, why young people have grey hair? There are many causes of it.

One of the most popular causes of this problem is heredity or genetics. Ethnicity conjointly has a bearing on the condition of your hair. If your manner is unhealthy, you consume too much alcohol or smoke then there are more chances of having grey hair in young age. Furthermore, poor nutrition has a rather negative influence on the health of your hair. Not solely will it create your hair weaker, but also can cause the reduction of melanin production. Vitamin B12 deficiency usually triggers this change in your hair. Some underlying reaction conditions will decrease the assembly of pigment still. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is crucial to emphasize that stress can cause graying hair, Of course, in this case, such drastic changes in your appearance are caused by some kind of trauma. You can see several teenagers with grey hair who have come back through rather dramatic things in their lives.

So since we now know the causes of gray hair, lets now discuss how to treat/hide grey hair-

1. Hair Colouring


Hair coloring or hair dyeing is nothing but adjusting the hair color. The main reason for hair coloring is to cover grey or white hair, to change color is regarded as more fashionable or desirable, or to restore the original hair color after it has been discolored by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching. Hair coloring can be done professionally by a hairdresser or independently at home.

Hair coloring can be applied in 2 methods, they are:

Off-scalp: The modern trend is to use several colors to produce streaks or gradations, but not all work on top of a single base color. They are referred to as:

  • Highlighting, where sections of hair are treated with lighteners.
  • Low lighting, where sections of hair are treated with darker hair color.
  • Splash lighting, a horizontal band of bleached hair from one end of the ear to another.
  • Foiling, where pieces of foil or plastic film are used to separate the hair to be colored, especially when applying more than one color.
  • Cap, when a plastic cap is placed tightly on the head and strands through with a hook.
  • Balayage, where hair color is painted directly onto sections of the hair with no foils used to keep the color contained.
  • Dipping is similar to balayage in which the color is painted directly on the hair.

On-scalp: Hair coloring can also be applied on the scalp for a more solid level of coverage.

  • Root touch-up, where color is applied only to the most recent section of re-growth. Root touch-ups are repeated every 4-6 weeks as the natural color grows in and becomes apparent. People who color their hair to disguise grey often have these root touch-ups.
  • All over color, where the person wants all their hair to be a different solid color.
  • Block coloring, where the person wants 2 or more colors applied to their hair, resulting in dimension and contrast.

2.Hair extensions


The “Hair Extensions” are hair additions that are secured to the base of the client’s hair in order to add length to the client’s hair to add volume, texture, or color.

The Top Methods –

  • Fusion Hair Extensions, like great lengths. Individual keratin-tipped strands square measure amalgamated to your natural hair using heat.
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions, like HotHeads. Wefts of hair square measure hooked up to little sections of your natural hair exploitation double-sided tape.
  • Weave Hair Extensions, Weave Hair Extensions. Your natural hair is decorated in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair square measure woven (with thread) onto the braids.

Finding the correct extension technique can depend upon budget, preference, and hair type. While fusion and tape-in extension are used on with reference to any hair texture, weaves are best suited for curly, kinky hair.

When it involves getting hair, you get what you pay for. Price can vary the greatly supported quality of the hair, as well as the desired quantity (for thickness) and length. It’s vital to match the color and texture of the hair extensions with that of your natural hair. “If it feels dry it’s getting to tangle additional easily”. The weight of extensions will place extra stress on the roots, so it’s important to match hair density to avoid unnecessary tension on natural hair.

3.Global hair color

Colouring complete hair is called global color. This is mainly done for grey hair and for darkening or lightening the natural color of the hair. This also involves matching the color of the hair with skin tone. Your skin color is the most vital issue to consider before you color your hair. While the choice of the right hair color can enhance your skin and hair appearance, a bad pairing of skin and hair color can ruin your entire look and can make you look unnatural.

What’s your skin tone?

To begin with, to choose the correct hair color you need to know whether your skin tone is warm or cool. A simple trick to finding your skin tone is: if you turn red under the sun, then yours is a cool tone and if you tan under the sun, then you have a warm skin tone.

Hair color ideas


While you can follow hair trends, make sure that they complement your skin tone. Some colors look good on warm tones and some on cool tones.

  • Choose a color that will match the color of your eyes.
  • Warm undertones should choose warm colors like copper. Cool ones should choose colors like walnut brown.

Here is when to opt for Global Hair Colour:

  • If your base hair color washes out your skin tone.
  • If you wish to get various shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color.

Global Color is comparatively cheaper than highlights.

As some people would find chemical treatments costlier and it may also be harmful to use in a long run, home remedies can be a rescue to those. Here are some ways to get rid of grey hair through natural means,

Natural remedies for gray hair

4.Coconut oil


Coconut oil is a great ingredient for hair. It helps in preserving pigment cells in hair follicles and make hair blacker day by day. It’s a suggestion for you to apply coconut oil and lemon mixture on your hair twice a week for good results.

5.Amla & Henna


Amla is great for hair and has proven to be even more beneficial when you use it as dye paste. You can mix amla juice it on hair. Amla provides hair adequate strength and helps the scalp redeem its lost wetness. Henna’s anti-bacterial and antifungal properties help in maintaining the pH level of the scalp. Combination of Amla & henna is probably the best home remedy to cure greyness. Apply the pack once during a month for effective results.


You can consume oats in the form of daily breakfast or make a paste out of it by adding almond oil to it and apply it to your hair. The rich presence of B Complex in oats proves to be a good expert of grey hair. Biotin helps hair darken and nourishes them deeply. The oats paste can be used as a natural conditioner. I recommend you to apply this paste once a week.



You can make an extremely straightforward potato mask reception which is able to blacken your hair gradually but effectively. All you have got to try and do is to boil a potato to some extent wherever the starch solution starts to be made. Then simply use the strained liquid from the potato peels and apply it to your hair. Rinse it off with water. A starch solution of potato helps in restoring hair pigment and prevents graying.


Rosemary does not simply add wonderful flavor to your dishes, this aromatic herb has been traditionally known to darken grey and also slow the appearance of grey hair. And if you have premature graying along with hair loss then rosemary is a must try herb for you. The stimulating properties of rosemary encourage new growth, whereas its high inhibitor content gets to eliminate free radicals that harm hair pigments.

  • You can apply rosemary to your hair & rinse it to darken your hair.
  • Rosemary infused hair oil can be applied directly in the hair. To make this oil, take a glass jar, fill 1/3 of it with dried rosemary. Then fill it utterly with further virgin vegetable oil. Place the jar in a sunny location and let it steep for 3-6 weeks. Gently shake the jar every 4 days about. Once the oil is completed infusing strain and store in cool dry place.

(Article by Shabnam AS)



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