Tips And Home Remedies To Care For Your Hair In Winters

End of the year is a time of thanksgiving and enjoyment with the family in the cozy and lovely environment of our homes. While enjoying those lovely moments, don’t forget about how gorgeous you are and what would happen to your lovely locks, if they are not properly taken care of. Here come few tips my Graceful women out there who are worrying about how to take care of the lovely god given long hair in the beastly winter. We believe that you will have the most perfect time when you are happy with how you look.

So let’s have a look at Tips And Home Remedies To Care For Your Hair In Winters

i. Use Luke Warm Water


 Being winter our preference is to use Hot water to wash our hairs but Do not use hot water as hot water removes the natural oil from your scalp which is an essential requirement for your hair and it also doesn’t help in improving the texture of the hair and this will also not be helpful in growing your hair and cold water will also not be very suitable in cold weather therefore you should use balanced of cold and hot water i.e. lukewarm water to wash your hair especially in winters which will serve your purpose.

ii. Wash your hair once a week 


While in Summers you enjoy washing your hairs twice a week you cannot enjoy in winter, in winters you should wash your hair once in 5 days or it will be completely tolerable to wash it once a week also, as in winter your hair doesn’t get greasy, unlike summers. By washing it once a week all the natural oil in your hair remains and even helps in maintain hair in cold weather, avoid washing your hair quiet often in winter to keep them healthy.

iii. Combing after drying

Home-Remedies- Care-For-Your-Hair-In-Winters

Combing the hair right after washing it i.e. in wet hair will be dangerous to your hair, as they are weakest & fragile when wet. Chances are they will break easily while combing. Strictly avoid combing in wet hairs. Combining the hair is preferred then brushing your hair as Combing smoothens the hair.

iv. Drying your hair


To dry your hair in winter use cotton cloth not a towel, cotton cloth like dupatta or cotton t-shirt, you can tie it around your hair and keep it for a while till it soaks at least 70% of water and thereafter towels can be used, it also helps in reducing hair fall problems.

v. Moisturizing Shampoo


Choosing the right kind of shampoo as per your hair type is a work of wisdom, especially in winters when our hairs get dry & Flaky and it even lost its moistures.  To get back the moisture for the hair you should use any moisturizing shampoo as per your requirement.

vi. Conditioner



Regular conditioning will help restore moisture, but a leave-in conditioner will help lock that moisture in. A leave-in conditioner will also protect hair and help keep the hair smooth and frizz-free. Conditioner should be applied on your hair strand only and not on the scalp.

vii. Serum


The serum helps you to get your hair silky & shiny look. It’s an additional but a recommend product. You should apply the serum on slightly wet hairs to get the best look.

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viii. Hair oil


Hair oil is advised since generations to keep your hair healthy. Hair oil gives the nutrition to the hair, as food is to your body, hair oil is your hair. To add some much-needed hydration to your locks, try super simple coconut oil, before washing your hair, you can massage it and leave it over night or in case of less time you can apply the oil 2 hours before your hair wash.

ix. DIY for Dandruff 


“OMG, Dandruff is on my shoulder!” is generally not true as mostly shown in advertisements, its little bit on your scalp when you scratch it and see a white color thing. Dandruff is very commonly seen in winter due to the dryness, to fight this you can use Mustard oil and squeeze a half lemon in it and massage it gently in your scalp before your hair washes in winte0r for fighting demon like dandruff in winters.

x. Hair Mask


Hair Mask protects your hair and gives the additional care to your hair. If you feel like using hair mask in winters, You can use a banana and honey mixture and apply it on your hair and leave it for a while then wash it and enjoy the silky and smooth hair.

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Just because its winter, doesn’t mean your hair and scalp have to suffer. To keep hair healthy, inject more moisture into your hair care routine, and take these winter hair care tips to protect your locks from unnecessary damage.


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