Things You Can Do to Keep Your Relationship Romantic & Alive

Being in a relationship is wonderful. You have someone who understands you, accepts you and loves you unconditionally. Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach when he finally popped the question, “Will you be my girlfriend?” That was the beginning of two individual souls becoming one. Since the first date, the first hug or first time you said I love you, I am sure you must be very proud of how much you have grown and evolved together as a couple.

Every relationship is built on love, trust, acceptance and a feeling where you believe that you cannot live without each other. The initial months of dating are the most exciting. You are in your cupcake phase and you’re so in love. But there is a time when the cupcake phase ends and reality hits you, ouch that’s going to hurt. This is a time when you see your partners flaws or know about their insecurities. This is the time when your relationship gets real. By this time, you have been intimate, gone out to eat, seen movies together and talked about almost everything.
At this stage, this question might question pop in your mind? – “What should we do today? There is nothing new left to do!”

Well don’t worry you love bird, here are some things you can do as a couple to bring back your spark!

1. Go for a trip together


Sitting together and planning a trip is an amazing experience in itself. Together you decide a destination and make an itinerary of everything you would like to do. Check for couple-friendly hotels and decide your mode of transport. Considering each other’s opinions and respecting their choices and planning your perfect vacation will make you feel closer. You can also go for a day trip. Take out our bike or car and drive away from the city where you will get quality time and you can enjoy each other’s company away from the usual.  For the adventurous couple, you can go trekking or if you’re a lazy couple you could do a staycation.

2. Be Master-Chefs and cook together


As we say it, the stomach is the way to one’s heart. Who doesn’t like food? Everyone loves it. So irrespective of whether you are a good cook or not, cook a meal together.

This is your guide couples guide make a perfect meal :

  • Decide what you want to cook

If you’re complete amateurs in cooking, look for ‘easy to cook recipes online.’ If one of you is a pro, things would be way easier for you. This step is very important as the further steps would depend on this.

  • Tally the ingredients mentioned and what is available at home

Mostly we don’t have all of all the ingredients available at home. So together figure out what is there in the house and make a list of things you need to buy.

  • Trip to the supermarket

Take out your car and drive down to your nearest supermarket and hunt for the ingredients you need. Going shopping for groceries and deciding on brands you prefer, will make you feel closer than ever.

  • Ready to cook

With all your ingredients sorted, both of you can get down in the field with your pans and spoons and get ready to cook. You can work in coordination as for when one is chopping the vegetables, another one is dealing with the gas. With patience, excitement and with a lot of laughter and fun your meal would be ready to be eaten!

  • The big reveal


Now it is your taste time. Set up the table in a beautiful way, and get ready to eat your creation. The effort or making a meal together will be appreciated and you will absolutely enjoy your meal. This is the time when you will decide that you could cook for yourselves the rest of your lives or you will need a professional cook after marriage. Haha.

3.Book of Firsts


You can buy a scrapbook at your nearest store and make a book about your firsts in the relationship. You can stick pictures and draw things together and make your journal customized and cute. This activity will help you relive your memories together and make you feel nostalgic. Add pictures of your first selfie, first date, first movie together etc. You can start collecting souvenirs or things which you can stick in your journal. This activity will bring out your creative side, help you make decisions together and the memories will make you feel grateful to have each other.

4. Be cheesy and wear matching outfits


You can go shopping for matching outfits together. If you’re not into shirts like King- Queen or shirts which have to work together to complete the sentences written on it, you can take a subtle approach. You can wear matching casual outfits like light blue jeans and red flannel. These are matching outfits and also not very over the top. When you go out in public wearing such outfits, you feel different. The sense of commitment and trust would be evidently felt, and you will feel more in love. Just give this a try.

5. A love letter for your love


As an old school it might sound, writing a love letter will make your partner go ‘AWW’. Writing down feelings for your partner with a pen, bring out different kinds of emotions. You always tell them how much you love them on text, on call or in person. But when you sit down to write beautiful things for them, you have to fit all your love and emotions on that sheet of paper. You go through a mental journey where you relive all your beautiful moments and write down your most favorite things. The reader will go through the same journey and make you realize how lucky you both are to have each other. This letter can be kept with you forever and you don’t need digital back up for it.

Your relationship is special and this bond you share with your partner is what everyone calls – GOALS!!  Go watch movies, be adventurous together, explore the city, try new things and let your love grow to infinite heights. Never forget to express your feelings, communicate not talk and feel extremely happy in love!

( Article contributed by Devyani Koparde)






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