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A trip or vacation after a long week is such a comfort. Having a vacation is a must in this busy era, otherwise, we would lose all the joy and fun from our lives. But sometimes, we have too little time, that we don’t even know what to take with us while going for a vacation. Talking about a beach vacation, we all know we need a sunscreen and a bikini, but there are so many other things that we need to pack up along with these when planning a beach vacation or trip.

Since I know you are super busy in packing, and may not be even having the time to fully go through my article,I would be just keeping things as simple as possible, while covering all the important things you need to pack in,for a beach trip.

1.Carry your favorite Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only accessorize your dress and your overall look but also protect your eyes and surrounding skin from the harmful rays of skin. So if you are thinking of going on a beach trip, always remember to pack at least 4-5 pair of sunglasses to create various beach looks, while protecting your eyes.

2. Complement with Scarves and hats

beach-hats-beach-accesories    Designers-beach-Hats-for-women

Cotton scarves and big hats are another way of looking super classy while protecting your facial skin from harmful UV rays. You can browse the internet for all the hats and scarves that are available online and create a checklist of your own to know which hat/scarf will look best with which dress.

3.Carry a Beach cover up cloth



A beach cover-up cloth is simply a lightweight cloth which covers your skin. It looks super stylish and gives a beach look to your attire for just a few bucks. Moreover, there are various ways through which we can style our own cover-up cloth, we can make a scarf out of it, or a sarong to cover the lower body, or even a full length one piece dress. You just need to know the tricks about how to fold it in various ways to achieve different looks.

3. Sunscreens for Protection


Sunscreen is one of the most basic need while going for a beach visit.No sunscreen means you will receive a severe suntan as well as sunburn if your skin is too sensitive. Yes, umbrellas and hats may save to some extent, but carrying a sunscreen for a beach visit is always a plus point. A sunscreen with SPF 40-60 is better for a beach visit and will protect you from getting super tanned.

4. Flip Flops for a comfortable trip


Since there is water and only water everywhere, you cannot wear high heels or sports shoes here. So it is always recommended to carry a pair of flip-flops, casual slippers or flat sandals while visiting a beach. They are super comfortable, dry up easily, and do not get spoiled by the waters of the beach.

5. Take the right clothes

Wearing-Panama-Hat-beach-outfit  beach-dresses-outfits

There is always a cloth type, which is a specialty of that particular place. For a beach, short clothes usually look trendy and fashionable. While going for a beach visit, remember to carry lightweight clothes and avoid taking denim jeans, heavy palazzos, skirts etc. Instead pack your bag with lightweight short skirts, denim shorts, loose shirts, tank tops, cotton one-piece dresses, flared skirts etc.

Some other Optional Things to Carry



Umbrellas once again, can not only save your from unexpected rains on the beach and harmful UV rays but also give you a stylish look for Instagram uploads.

Take colorful threads with you

shell-necklace  6e9b1882a085128b6e8860cf75483e88--seashell-crafts-seashell-jewelry-diy

Beaches are home of pearls and shells. And you will definitely get the opportunity to collect some of the best shells, stones, and pearls, and make a necklace out of it. Wearing it for a while will give a classy look too! You may also gift it to your friends!

Insect spray

Put a spray bottle into your bag to keep those bugs and insects away.

 A tote or Mesh bag

A tote bag or a mesh bag is much better for a beach visit, since getting the sand off of them is much easier.


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