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Why do we go to the gym? Because we know that some hours of workout every day would help us achieve the ideal body shape. Same goes for the face. We need to have a beauty routine for it too! If you don’t care for it today, then be ready for pimples, blemishes, dark circles, and dead skin cells!!

We all may be doing makeup every day, to hide our flaws, but we don’t know that it is just a temporary solution to all the skin flaws! In order to fix those flaws, we need to work deep and provide our skin(Also read about How to get Long and thick Hair Naturally) with all the nourishment and care it needs! So here are some checks and habits that we should employ in our everyday skincare routine to enjoy a flawless complexion and skin.

1. Drink Water (Every Morning)

This is something which you would be seeing on any blog related to health. But trust me water is a wonderful and cheap medicine for everything!

It helps flush out all the toxins out of the body, keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. After 8 hours of long sleep, our body becomes hydrated and we need to make it hydrated again as soon as we can. So make a routine to drink at least 12 ounces of water early morning. If the water is warm, it is better, as it would have a lot more benefits like managing weight, preventing obesity etc. Also, add some lime juice or honey for added benefits. But this does not end here. You need to keep drinking water after short time periods.


2. Exfoliation (Every week)


We may not even be aware, but our skin keeps producing new skin cells every hour. If not removed, the dead cells keep collecting in the outer layer of skin, and what we are left with is old, pale and dead skin. We have to remove this dead regularly so that new skin can come to the surface. Thus we need to exfoliate our skin regularly. But exfoliation does not mean that you need to buy expensive and branded scrubs. Exfoliation can also be done using natural remedies such as sugar and lemon juice, oatmeal and honey etc.

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3.Moisturize (Everyday after shower)

Regardless of your age and your skin type, your skin needs moisturization daily. All your cleansers and face washes wash out the skin’s natural oils.

So you need to rehydrate the skin with the beneficial moisture and oil. Try to wash your face as less as you can, and always moisturize the skin with a good moisturizer, which does not clog pores and is light and not too greasy for the skin.

4. Sunscreen (Every sunny day)


Yes, sunscreen is very important for your delicate skin. It protects you from harmful UV rays and prevents your skin from getting tanned. Apply SPF of at least 15 to your face for the daytime to prevent tanned, sunburnt and wrinkled skin .Make it a routine to use sunscreen everytime you go out.

5.Wash your face (Every night)

Every day, your skin meets up with pollution, dust, germs, and bacteria. It is really not good to let it stick to your face for long.

Always wash your face before going to bed. Some girls also have a habit of sleeping with makeup on, which is a very harmful habit. Keeping makeup on while sleeping every day will clog your pores, allow the bacteria and dust particles to form pimples and acne to your skin, and prevent your skin from breathing. So it is really mandatory to clean your face with a mild face wash and apply a night cream before going to bed.
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6. Eat healthy(Everday)

What you eat always reflects your health and skin. Continuous use of oil, spices, and processed foods in your diet can cause a dark, pimple prone and oily face. 
Your face may also looky more chubby than before because of continuous intake of a lot of calories through processed foods. 

On the other hand, use of juices like beetroot juice, carrot juice, orange juice etc. can help your body repair your skin from within. These juices are loaded with many vitamins and antioxidants that help in skin repair and rejuvenation. If not juices try eating some raw fruits like a banana, some strawberries, some blueberries and some nuts. You can also make a smoothie of all these good foods to get the benefits of all in one drink. So make a “new year revolution” to eat lesser processed and junk foods and more of healthy foods to make your skin beautiful and clear.

7.Exercise (Everyday)

Exercise is really important to achieve a flawless skin. Whenever you exercise, the heart rates increase, the increased blood flow pushes vitamins, minerals, and oxygen into those capillaries. The increased blood flow rejuvenates damaged skin and also boosts the glow of the skin.

Better circulation means toxins would be flushed out of the body, and new cells would build up. There are dozens of benefits of exercise not just to skin but to the overall health and well being. So always try to have a workout session within the day, it can be walking, jogging, some pushups, yoga or skipping. You can also incorporate a mix of all these and divide them into different days of the week.

8. Try to be natural (Daily)

Natural products are always a boon for the skin. Natural products no chemicals, are rash free and has no side effects. 

Some natural remedies like applying Aloe vera, Honey and cinnamon mask, lemon juice, tomato juice and cucumber juice always benefits the skin.No matter if you are a brand lover and always use branded skincare products, always try using raw homemade remedies right away in front of you and apply them to your skin. You can make up a schedule to use them. For example-You can use aloe vera on Monday, Lemon juice on Tuesday and so on. Make a routine to use these natural products daily. Natural remedies don’t have any preservatives and are very beneficial to apply right way on the skin. By using these, you will notice the results within 2 weeks.

So this was how you should take care of your skin in 2018. Though these points seem to be very silly and not important, when incorporated in your daily skincare and beauty routine, these will naturally make your skin healthy, will repair it from within and make your skin flawless even without makeup.

Let us know if you tried and successfully achieved the flawless results in the comments below-

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