Outfit And Dressing Ideas For Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

Wedding is a really grand and special event in any person’s life. Thus everyone wishes to look the best on that special day.

Recently, a new trend is being followed by many “soon to be married” couples and that is- “Pre-Wedding Photoshoot”.It is basically a photoshoot that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. While some couples may say that it’s just a waste of time and money, many consider it to be a romantic and memorable shoot, which would be cherished forever.

With this trend getting popular, more and more themes and concepts are being originated every day. Since everyone wants to look unique in their pre-wedding shoot album, photographers keep experimenting every day with the concepts.

So if you are one of the couples,who is thinking of getting a pre-wedding shoot done,we have some ideas for you,which would help you get a clear image of what you should go for, and what type of a concept and outfit would suit your requirements-

The Traditional Concept

In this concept, you would be engaging yourself with the roots of your culture and heritage. But it doesn’t mean that this concept is boring, it rather looks one of the most simple yet classy concepts. Since this concept takes traditions into play, hence you would be going to a location signifying cultural value and choosing an outfit which looks antique and traditional.

Below are some ideas related to the traditional concept of Pre-Wedding Shoot-



The Glamourous Concept

This concept is best for couples who are looking for something unique, different and pompous.

Choosing this concept means it’s time for fancy dresses and grand locations. Generally, couple that enjoy elegance and sophistication go for this concept.

A beautiful landscape consisting for some iconic landmarks would be ideal for this glamorous photoshoot. Go for some classy outfit ideas such as floral dresses. Choose an outfit which match with the concept’s idea-glamour and elegance.Have a look at some if the ideas for this concept-



The Casual Concept

In simple words ,its just the opposite of glamourous concept.This concept follows a more modest approach .But casual doesn’t mean simple-there are various ways to beautify your photoshoot using this concept .As a couple ,you can re-enact your first meeting ,engage in a hobby like gardening or hiking.

Since this concept is about being casual,you would be choosing an outift which looks casual and realistic.




The Indigeneous Concept

Well,this concept has become famous recently.Basically its like getting yourself clicked while doing random activities,also knows as “being clicked candidly”.In this couple,couple does not pose for photos,but just do what they wish to,its all the work of the photographer to capture some candid and memorable moments of the couple.For example you can go for a picnic or walk.All you need to be is effortless and natural.But what you need to keep in mind is not all photographers are a pro in this concept,and thus you need to carefully choose the best photographer for this concept!



The Thematic Concept

Last but not the least,the thematic concept takes a specific theme into play, and plans everything around it. There are so many themes to choose such as a travel theme, a 20s theme, a party theme or a vintage theme. In order to make the theme look more realistic and alluring is to choose the best attire along with it with a lot of accessories. For example, if you are going for a vintage theme, go for an antique setting and choose clothes that match it.



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