Why Women Love doing Makeup – Mental Health Benefits


A lot of us love to experiment with our makeup every day. It makes us look different as well as beautiful. We can create a lot of different looks while experimenting with our makeup and brushes. But have you ever thought, why we love makeup so much?

Makeup artists claim that there are a lot of reasons why people prefer to wear makeup. Some of us want a natural look, with only a little of makeup while others want to play with every tint of the rainbow. Whatever the reasons may be, there are four general reasons as to why we enjoy relying on makeup-

1.Makeup for Hiding Imperfections and Enhancing Prettier Features


With makeup, we are able to hide our flaws while enhancing our prettier features. Makeup is being used by a lot of people to hide the imperfections which have accumulated over time and through exposure to pollution, germs, sunlight etc. We may have after-pimple scars as well as dark circles under the eyes because of stress. Makeup hides these flaws and makes us look fresh and confident.

2.Makeup is a compliment in itself

We use makeup for impressing others. We want to feel good and confident either by receiving compliments or simply knowing that we look gorgeous. It gives us that extra “uplift” we need, especially on days when we are feeling unattractive.

3. Makeup is an art


Makeup is a lot like art. We feel like artists painting on a blank canvas with the ability to originate something extremely alluring. Putting on makeup is a form of art. Everyone has a different style of applying makeup. Some use brushes, some use pads, and some may even use fingers. Some may need a variety of expensive products while others just need 2-3 products to rock!

4. Makeup is a way to express


Makeup is a way for us to express the way we feel. If you want to feel sexy, you may be using red hot lipstick along with glittery eyes. If you want to feel like a princess, you may choose pink and lighter shades. Thus we feel that almost every woman can agree on this: makeup is a way to set the mood we’ll have for the rest of the day.

Apart from these, makeup is also a stress buster. Here are six mental-health benefits of wearing makeup

1. Makeup boosts our confidence

Makeup makes us look beautiful. And there is nothing wrong in applying it. It boosts our confidence. Imagine you get a scar or a pimple before going on a party. Who comes to the rescue? Makeup!

2. Makeup helps us connect with other women

Makeup is a bond connecting people all over the world. Its not race, religion, country or color specific. Everyone loves makeup! Additionally, makeup has even removed gender barriers, since more and more males are accepting makeup and uploading their makeup tutorials online!

3. Makeup is fun


Isn’t makeup fun? Once you get to know all the tricks, you get comfortable to experiment. You want to try a new look every day!

4. Makeup can make you appear more competent even if you don’t feel like it.

Think of a day you are bare faced, you don’t want to walk out and wish to remain inside closed curtains. Even when you are feeling dull or not well, makeup helps you to boost up. It provides you the required energy to face people. You appear more competent with some small brush strokes.

5.Makeup designates “you” time.


Why you need a mate when you have makeup with you? Makeup is a great time pass and the people addicted to it cannot get over it, no matter how many times they spent with Makeup!

6. It can help you sleep better.

Every night when you go sleep, your mind flashes everything that happened today. You think of all the compliments you got for your perfect cheekbones and contour. You get happy living those moments again and you get a stress free and happy sleep!





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