Love at First Sight – A Cherishing Experience

Sometimes in life, a mere glance at a person changes your life.A sudden eye contact, an informal hello, a small talk makes you perceive that person like he/she were there with you since your childhood.
You want to notice them unintentionally, talk to them about every minute thing, and hear their voice for as long as you can.

All this seems to be so exciting until you realize that every hello requires a bye too! 
And that is the time which breaks you when you are unable to do anything, but only to cherish the sweet moments, no matter if they were just for a few seconds or minutes.

What is this feeling exactly???

People call it “Love at First Sight”. It is known to be a personal experience where a person feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon the first sight of that stranger.


People say, love, at first sight, is false, but it isn’t the case. It does happen! Sometimes you just see someone, and that person just leaves an imprint on your heart.It’s not because of an attractive appearance, but just a matter of sudden liking.


When does it happen?

Remember any latest incident where your eyes met up with someone you couldn’t forget?He/she can be someone sharing their MTR seat with you, or someone you just saw in the library.They may be someone you noticed smiling at a wedding or someone who asked you “Excuse me, is this your pen?”


Why is it so mind-blowing?

Well, the best part of this “short-term love story” is that you don’t have any expectation or self-interests.You just like that person and that’s it.You don’t know if there’s a “why’ to this liking?You don’t know whether you would meet them again In life or not.Though the very moment you built feelings for that particular person may last only for a few minutes, you may be left thinking of that particular moment for about a month! And the best part of this feeling is, sometimes it can be mutual too ??


What’s the conclusion of this feeling?

Sometimes what all we want, doesn’t happen. Sometimes we start living in that past moment so much that we don’t realize that this would never happen again, especially when you have no option to contact that particular person.

You just remember their face their smile, their personality, which gets embedded in your heart forever.

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  • December 22, 2018 at 11:02 am

    The writer explained the feeling really well I really loved the article


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