Incredible Beauty Hacks with Vaseline | Vaseline Jelly uses


We all know that Vaseline Petroleum jelly is a great fix for moisturization and skin cuts and bruises. But there are so many other uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which we are unaware of. This inexpensive and travel-friendly product is a quick fix for a lot of skin and makeup related issues. Following is the list of surprising uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for skin and Makeup-

1. Use Vaseline for Highlighting your face

Vaseline Petroleum jelly can be used as a natural highlighter. Just apply a little if it on the apples of the cheeks, on the eyelids and your nose tip and see the natural highlight and glow it gives to your face! You can also use it on your arms and legs to give them a shiny look.

2. Vaseline as a Gentle Exfoliator


Vaseline Petroleum jelly is a wonderful exfoliator too! All you need to do is to mix it with some abrasive scrub material such as salt, sugar, coffee etc. and scrub it on the part of the body which you wish to exfoliate. It will not only exfoliate but also provide moisturization to the skin.

3.Volume to your lashes with Vaseline


If you have thin lashes and want them to look volumized, just apply a little of vaseline on your eyelashes using a brush or fingers. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wait for a minute. Now apply a layer of mascara on the top of it and you will see how great it works!

4. Vaseline for growth of your lashes


While adding volume to the lashes is just a temporary solution, vaseline can also help in the growth of your lashes. Many people have claimed using Vaseline petroleum jelly for lash growth and confirmed that it works. All you need to do is to apply a little of vaseline on your lashes before going to bed. Repeat the procedure every night and you will see that your lashes are longer and thicker than before!

5. Use Vaseline as a remedy for dry skin


Vaseline petroleum jelly can actually work a lot better than moisturizers if you have severely dry skin. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected parts of the skin such as to the corners of your lips, under the eyes etc. and your condition will get a lot better than before!

6. Save your lips from damage by using Vaseline


We all know about the havocs lipsticks cause to our lips. Dry lips, chapped lips, dark and discolored lips are all the causes of using lipsticks.So next time you are applying a lipstick, add a base of Vaseline Petroleum jelly first. It will protect your lips from getting chapped and dried and make your lipstick stay fresh for a longer time.

7.Preventing Dye stains using Vaseline


If you are applying dye at home, and do not want it to stain that part of the scalp where you usually part your hair, apply some vaseline to the part.It will prevent staining and no one will know that you have dyed your hair yesterday!

8.Glossy Lip Balm using Vaseline


If you are in your teens and do not want to go for Lipstick yet, or if you think Lipstick is “too much” for an occasion, just fo for a natural look by using a Lip balm. Take some lipstick in a small container, add some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to it. Mix it well and freeze it. You can use it for regular days as a tinted lip balm, which will also keep your lips moisturized.

9. Use Vaseline for Persistent perfume smell 


We all complain of getting our perfume smell off after a few hours. Well, you don’t need to worry about it now. Just apply a little of Vaseline petroleum jelly to the inside wrist, behind ears, base of the neck, inside of your elbows and behind your knees; and spray your favorite perfume on the top of it. You will realize that this technique would keep your fragrance for a much longer time.

10. Use Vaseline as aNatural Makeup Remover


We all know that there are various makeup removal solutions available in the market, but also know that they are loaded with chemicals. So you can Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for a natural Makeup removal. Just dab a cotton ball into the petroleum jelly and gently rub it on the desired areas.

11. Save damaged split ends with Vaseline


Vaseline petroleum Jelly can help you with split ends. Applying the jelly on the split ends can seal them and help in their recovery.

12. Save the dried cuticles of Nails using Vaseline


If you have naturally dry cuticle of nails, using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on it can help. Just take a little of Jelly and gently massage the cuticles and leave overnight. After a few days, you will see that your nails will get stronger and glossier than before.


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