How to get Pink and Soft Lips | Causes of Dark Lips

Red Lips and Wine Sips

Our lips are much more than we think.They not only make our face complete,but also gives a beauty boost to our face.Yet many ladies amongst us suffer from dry,chapped and discoloured lips,which not only look unpleasant but also makes you feel unpleasant.


There are so many reasons responsible for dry, black or discolored lips. Some of them are-

1.Smoking cigarettes

Smoking causes discolouration of not only teeth,but also lips.Smoking makes your lips darker,dry and wrinkled.You need to quit smoking to get back your natural lip colour.

2.Toxic chemicals in cosmetics

Some of us have a habit of sleeping without removing lipsticks and lip colours. Cosmetics include aluminum, copper, mercury and bismuth which cause dark lips.You should make a habit of removing all makeup before going to bed.

3.Not properly removing lip stains

Our lips get stained due to various reasons such as drinking tea,coffee or applying matte lipsticks which are hard to remove.All these stains make your lips discoloured.


Excessive UV exposure creats melanin and causes hyper-pigmentation of not only the skin but also lips.You need to avoid prolonged exposure to sun or use lip balms or lipsticks with SPF.

5.Excessively dry lips

Some of us have a habit of licking lips again and again as they feel dryness on their lips.This habit causes lips to become dry and dark ,because when we lick our lips,the saliva evaporates and causes further dryness and discoloration of lips.Not moisturizing lips on a regular basis also causes dry,chapped and wrinkled lips.

6.Excessive amounts of caffeine

Drinking tea,coffee and other drinks consisting of caffeine causes discoloured lips and teeth.Hot caffeine drinks have more staining effects on teeth and lips.


Genetics also play a role in determining colour of our lips.In case you are having darker lips genetically,you need to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment of Dark Lips

Though there is no quick fix to pinker and softer lips,there are some remedies which would surely help in getting rid of discloured,dry and dark lips and make your lips more hydrated and rosy-


Exfoliation or Scrubbing will remove the dead and dark cells from your lips and make them pinker and softer.Take some sugar, honey, and coconut oil,mix them and exfoliate your lips with it thrice a week.


We have a lot of lip balms in market.But natural remedies always work best.You may use cocoa butter, coconut oil, or olive oil as a lip moisturizer.However you can also use lip balms with natural ingrediants.

3.Remove makeup before bed:

Use natural oils like coconut or almond oil to remove any lip stains or lipstick from your lips before going to bed.Oil will not only remove the stains and makeup from your lips,but also make them hydrated.There are so many natural essential oils in market for the lips.

4.Stay hydrated

Eating fruits like melon, tomato, and cucumber,which have a lot of water content will keep your lips hydrated.

5.Natural pastes for pinker lips:

  • Make a pomegranate seed paste and apply on your lips to improve the colour of your lips.
  • You can also use tumeric and milk to improve discoloration of  your lips.
  • Take some beetroot juice and apply on your lips for a natural red stain.It will also improve the colour of your lips.
  • Crush some rose petals and apply the powder to your lips for a natural pink shade.

6. Use chemical free products-

Whether you are using lip balms or lipsticks always go for products which do not contain parabens and other harmful chemicals.There are so many brands offering 100% natural and herbal lip products. You can buy them through the below links-


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