How to Curl your Hair without Heat and Curling Iron


Everyone out of us wants to experiment with their hair, to identify which look makes them look perfect. There are so many options today to style your hair such as perming, permanent straightening, curling, crimping etc. You can enhance your look easily by giving your hair a little style. While straight hair looks really great with a lot of dresses, curls are another great option which adds to your beauty.

Curls look really very pretty on almost every hair type, length, and color. But many of us either don’t want to buy expensive rollers or are scared of the heating plates of the rolling iron. But did you know that we can curl our hair at home with the help of some everyday materials? And that too without using any heat or a curling iron?

Here are some ways through which you can easily curl your hair at home and save your hair from the heat


Braiding is one of the easiest methods to curl your hair. With braiding you can achieve a variety of curls such as loose curls or tight curls. All you have to do is to variate your braiding method according to the look you wish to achieve.


  1. Wash and condition your hair.
  2.  Comb out any tangles from the hair.
  3.  Part your hair into various sections. If you wish to get tight curls, part your hair into at least 4-6 sections. If you want to have loose curls, part your hair into either 2 sections or just don’t part your hair at all!
  4.  Now make a pigtail of each section. Ensure that your braid them tightly. Also, check that your hair should be damp while braiding.
  5.  Now secure the braid tightly with a rubber band and wait for the hair to dry up.
  6. Unbraid your hair in the morning. Gently run your fingers through the hair and enjoy your natural curls!

2. Rollers

If you are looking for a more sophisticated looking curls, you can go for rollers.

Before buying rollers you need to identify if you need to get big curls or smaller ones. Big rollers will provide you with bigger curls while small rollers will provide you with small curls.


  1. Wash your hair and remove any tangles.
  2. Part your hair into various sections.
  3.  Take one roller and roll your hair up along with the roller and secure it using a hairpin or bobby pin.
  4.  Repeat the 3rd step with the rest of your hair.
  5.  Wait for the curls to set up. Keeping them overnight is recommended.
  6.  Remove the rollers carefully in the morning.

3. T-shirt curls

This is another cheap and inexpensive method to curl your hair. All you need is an old shirt and a pair of helpful hands haha!


  1. Wash and detangle your hair as usual.
  2. Take an old shirt and cut it into various sections horizontally, starting from the neck. Discard the sleeves.
  3. Now you need to make the strips as wide as you want your curls to be. For very small curls, make them 1 inch wide; for bigger and loose curls, make them up to 3 inches wide.
  4. Take a pen and keep the shirt strip on it. Take the section of hair you want to curl, and roll them on the pen along with the t-shirt strip.
  5. After reaching the top, carefully remove the pen, and make a knot of the shirt strip to secure the curls in place. For extra security, you can use bobby pins.
  6. Untie and remove the strips in the morning and enjoy your homemade T-shirt curls!

4. Pin Curls

This is another super easy way to curl your hair. You just need to have a box of pins!


  1. Wash and detangle your hair.
  2. Take a thin section of your hair and roll it on your index finger until you reach the crown.
  3. Secure it tightly with a pin. Repeat the procedure with the rest of your hair.
  4. Wrap a silk scarf on your hair and go to sleep
  5. Untie and remove all the pins of your hair in the morning and get another variety of curls without any heat!

5.Headband Curls


Last but not least the headband curls. All you need here is a soft headband, to curl hair around.

  1. Wash and detangle your hair as done before.
  2. Take a headband and put it on your hair as you do.
  3. Take small sections of your hair and carefully roll them around the headband tightly.
  4. Repeat the same with all the sections of your hair.
  5. Remember to choose a headband which is not too tight and not too loose as the loose headband will not balance your curls in the right place and a tight one wouldn’t allow you to curl.
  6. Cover your hair with a silk scarf to secure the curls in place.
  7. Remove the scarf and headband in the morning and enjoy your soft headband curls!

So these were the five best ways to get natural curls at home.

Try them all, and let us know which one suited you the best. We would love to hear from you!

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