How to contour your face | Contour and Highlight guide for beginners

Contouring, an art /technique previously reserved for models and fancy photo shoots, is now becoming part of an everyday routine of many people — thanks to dozens of makeup tutorials available on Youtube and Instagram. These channels have made it possible for common people get along with this sassy art of contouring. Soooo, what is contouring, exactly?


 Contouring can be explained asgiving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through the use of makeup.

It’s not supposed to be noticeable —but just a subtle definition.

But contouring is not that easy-it takes a lot of time, practice and appropriate tools and products to do contouring like a pro. You don’t learn to contour within a day or week. It will take a lot of practice sessions as well as the best products to get the ideal look.

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So let’s discuss how to do the ideal contouring

1.Preparing the skin’s base

In order to start contour, you need to first create a base for it. The first thing you need to do is to get a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it using a brush or sponge. Be sure to blend it well, especially around the edges of your face, into your hairline, and along the jaw. The foundation will help highlighter and bronzer stick better to your face.brush on a light layer of translucent powder to your face to create a clean base so the contour can go on smoothly.

2.Choosing the apt products and Brushes

You know what no matter how good makeup artist you are-if you don’t own the right brushes and material, you’ll not be able to do it any better.

Using powders will give you a matte finish and using creams will provide a dewier look-suggests Makeup artist Pati Dubroff. He also suggests that beginners should always go for cream products as they are easier to blend.
Contouring is all about using the right product for the right thing. We have a dozen brands online offering high-quality brushes & contour kits.

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3.Starting the contour

(NoteContouring is all about highlighting the good aspects and contouring(hiding) the bad aspects. So for the beginners who don’t know where to highlight and where to contour, we have segregated them by colours-Blue for highlight and Pink for contour)

  • After the above preparation is done, apply some Highlight powder on your cheekbones using a  fluffy brush. Blend it in an upward motion, towards your eyes using a smaller brush. You will end up with something that looks like upside-down triangles. This will provide an angled look to your cheekbones.


  • Brush on some Highlighting powder on the bridge of your nose. Use a thin brush to make a long, thin line down the middle of your nose. Ensure that the line is not too thick, or your nose will appear too wide.


  • Contour the sides of your nose with a bronzer. Take a small brush and apply some bronzer along the sides of your nose neatly. Blend down and outwards towards the sides of your face. This will make your nose appear thinner and edgier.


  • Using the Highlight powder/cream, highlight the area between your eyebrows, creating an upside-down triangle. Make sure to blend upwards towards the hairline.


  • Use some Highlighting powder on your chin. This will earn attention to the lips, and it will make the face appear longer and slender. If you already have a prominent chin, you can consider skipping this.



  • Apply some bronzer right beneath the cheekbone, as shown. This is essential for creating a slender face. If you are worried about if this will work out or not, you can try sucking in your cheeks and pout like a fish.


  • Tap some bronzer on either side of your forehead where your temples are. Use a small brush to blend downward. 


  • Apply bronzer along and under the jawline, with light hand-ensuring, no harsh lines are created. Focus more on the middle of your jaw and less on the chin. Be sure to blend downward under your chin and towards your neck. This will provide a more angled look by shaping your jaw.



  • The last but one of the most important steps in contouring is to “Blend” everything using a fluffy brush. If using a cream-based makeup for the shadows and highlights, try using a blending sponge instead. 


The Finishing Touch

Gently sweep the brush over the edges of your highlights and shadows, blending them into your foundation and into each other neatly. Ensure that after this step your face looks smooth; any subtle lines will showcase that you contoured your face using makeup. Make sure the lines are smoothened and ensure not to mix up the highlight and contour lines together, which will make things messed up.


So this is how we do contouring. Contouring helps in making your problematic areas hide and highlight the most beautiful features of your face. Contouring is more an art than a lesson-which is learned with your own application and practice.

Let us know if this blog helped you out with contouring or not by dropping a comment below-

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