How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for your Skin Tone


Lips? without Lipstick? are like cake? without Frosting

Lipsticks are an essential part of every women’s beauty bag. Everyday makeup routine is basically incomplete without Lipstick. But it may have been a lot of times that you have invested lots of bucks for a wrong shade or product. Basically, not every Lipstick shade is apt for every skin tone. But when shopping online, you cannot try all the colors and thus it becomes really difficult to decide which product to buy.



The choice of lipsticks usually depends upon more than one factors-

1. The skin tone – Skin tone is a big determining factor. The same lipstick shade would not suit all skin tones. Thus fair, medium and darker skinned tones need to select different Lipstick shade based on their skin tone.

2. The occasion – Everyday wear requires more natural and nude shades rather than hot and bold reds or maroons.

3.The texture of lipstick – Today we have so many lipstick textures to choose from. There are Lipstick stains, glosses, mattes etc. To solve this confusion, it’s advisable to go through the basics of choosing the right color.

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But don’t worry, we will help you chose from some of the best shades, according to your skin color-

For Fair Skin Tone

1.Hot Red

 Hot red is one of the best color choices for fair skin toned girls. Red is a very flirty and feminine shade, which looks great on any occasion be it a college event, a wedding, an outing or anything.


 Well, purple is a really unique lip color and not everyone can carry it boldly. Purple looks the best on fair skin tones. It is a very vibrant shade and you can experiment with its various shades such as violet, Lilac, Lavender, Berry etc.


This color is really very loud and would definitely eye catchy. The Burgundy lip shade with a combination of smokey eyes would make you look like a beauty goddess for sure.

For Medium Skin Tone

1.Peach shades

Peach Lip shades look very classy on girls with Medium skin tone. This shade is very simple yet looks pretty. This shade is apt for everyday wear at college, workplace etc.

2.Nudes family

Nudes family-be it nude shades of pink, orange, brown best on medium skin color tones. There are so many nude shades to choose from each of these color categories!

3.Toffee and Caramel Shade

This is a really unique lip shade which is not very common and looks very classy on almost every skin tone. Both toffee shade and caramel shade are very alluring. They are basically much more than the Peach shades but a lot less than chocolate shades. So if you wish to go to get the middle choice out of these-go for Toffee and Caramel colors.

For Dark Skin Tone

1.Chocolate and warm browns

 Well, the brown color looks good on any skin tone, but it works wonders for dark skin tones. It naturally enhances the beauty of your skin color. 

2.Rose and pinks

Rose and pink shades are really natural and subtle colors, which look really divine and pretty on dark skin tones. The market is full of various shades of pink. Pink is the only color which looks best on any skin tone but beware! There are some shades of pink which doesn’t suit a warm skin tone.

3.Cherry Red

This shade looks lovely on dark skin tones. Not only cherry shade, there are numerous other shades of red which look good on dark skin tones such as Bronzed berry shade, plum red etc.

 So here were some ideas on choosing your perfect Lipstick shade.
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