How to care for Dry and Flaky skin | Tips and Home Remedies


We all have different types of skin.

You have dry skin if you feel a dry, flaky skin without the use of any moisturizers. Dry skin has low levels of sebum(oil) and is usually prone to sensitivity. This type of skin feels tight and stretched after washing face if no moisturizer cream is applied.

Pros of Dry Skin

  • Dry skin does not look shiny and greasy at all, like oily skin
  • People with dry skin are not likely to get blackheads and clogged up pores.
  • Dry skin is less prone to acne and pimples, because of low sebum production.

Cons of Dry Skin

  • First of all, Dry skin is very sensitive.
  • You can easily get a sunburn if you have dry skin.
  • If not taken care of, it would start showing signs of early aging.

How to care for Dry Skin

1. Maintaining Skin Moisture

Our body is naturally designed to keep our skin hydrated by producing natural oils/sebum. However, we do a lot of things throughout the day, which removes the natural oil from our skin. Bathing is one of the activities which does that. Soap removes our natural oils, and when combined with hot water bathing routine, it makes our skin more dry and flaky.

  • When bathing, ensure that the water’s temperature is not very high, as hot water removes the moisture from the skin.
  • Use soaps which have moisturizers or are specially designed for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Do not bath very often
  • Reduce the bathing time and spend no more than 10 minutes in the shower.

2. Take care while Exfoliating


Exfoliating is good, be it any type of skin as it removes dead and affected skin from the face. But if you have dry skin you should take extra care while exfoliating-

  1. Do not use harsh exfoliants.

    2. Do not exfoliate too often. Once a week is enough.

3. Be Gentle while Drying

A lot of us have a habit of rubbing skin vigorously with a towel after bathing. This habit is very harmful, especially for dry skin. You should be gentle while drying your skin after bathing. Always pat your skin gently with a towel after bathing.

4. Don’t forget to Moisturize

Since your skin is naturally dry, you need to provide extra moisture to your skin. If you will not moisturize your skin regularly, your skin will start showing signs of early aging. Go for a moisturizer which is light in weight and natural.Do not go for a moisturizer with a lot of ingredients and preservatives as it will further damage your dry skin.

5. Stay Hydrated

Dry skin tends to lose moisture very easily, so you need to hydrate your body from within. Drink more water and go for fruits that have good water content such as watermelons, cucumbers etc. Make a routine of having at least one of these fruits regularly.

Home remedies for Dry Skin

  1. Olive Oil for Moisturization

Olive oil contains antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that are essential for your skin. It helps soothe and moisturize dry skin all over your body.


Rub some olive oil on your hands, legs and other dry areas of your skin and massage lightly. Wait for half an hour and then go for a shower. Apply a light moisturizer after taking shower.

Alternatively, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, four tablespoons of fine brown sugar, and one tablespoon of honey. Apply this homemade scrub on your dry skin and rub gently using light, circular motions for a few minutes. Take a shower and then apply a light moisturizer.

2.Milk for Dryness of Skin

Milk is known to be a great natural moisturizer. The lactic acid present in milk exfoliates your skin gently and is also known to improve skin’s complexion.


  • Soak some cotton or a washcloth in cold milk and put it on dry areas of your skin for five minutes. Gently wash off the milk with another cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Doing this every day will improve your skin’s moisture content.

3.Honey for Dry Skin

Honey is one of the best home remedies for every type of skin problem as it has antibacterial,antioxidant and humectant properties. Moreover, it contains some essential minerals and vitamins in it which gets absorbed by your skin once you apply it on your skin.


Make a habit of applying honey once a day over your skin for around 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

4.Avocado for extra moisture 

Avocado is a great fruit packed with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that help improve skin from within. The high vitamin A content in avocado also helps in skin maintenance and repair to restore smooth and silky skin.


  • Extract the pulp of avocado and make a smooth paste. Rub this paste all over your dry skin. Let the skin absorb it for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Repeat the process once daily.
  • Mash the pulp of ripe avocado and stir in one-half cup of honey. Apply the resultant mixture on your dry skin and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Apply this hydrating face mask once a week. Don’t use more often than that.
  • Drink a glass of an avocado smoothie daily, so as to increase your intake of healthy fats, which will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

So we hope you learned a lot about dry skin and how to take care of it from this blog.

If you have any queries, suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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