Homemade Remedies And Tips for Dull,Sunken & Puffy Eyes

As time passes and though you’re still young, once you look within the mirror and see lump in your eyes, the presence of dark circles and fine lines around them, these signs will start to worry you.

Is it possible to keep the glow in our eyes and make them look beautiful and healthier through nutrition and lifestyle? Well, the answer is Yes! And I am here to provide you the best ways to maintain the beauty of your eyes and also to make them healthier.

Nutrition plays a vital role in your eye health. Four special nutrients- Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc can help you reduce your risk of common eye problem prevalence by up to 35%. So make sure you get the proper quantity of antioxidants through a healthy balanced and varied diet.

Considering the problems such as dark circles, sunken eyes, and puffiness here are some homemade tips to solve them-

Home remedies & Tips to get rid of Dark circles

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles Naturally

Who likes dark circles? Well, no one!

Dark circles are one of the most common eye ailments which affect almost everyone nowadays, due to the work pressure and stress. Here are a few tips and homemade remedies to get rid of dark circles-

  1. Rose water remedy-Soak a few drops of rose water on two cotton pads for two to three minutes. Apply to the affected area for 15 minutes. Repeat twice daily until results are visible.
  2. Cucumber remedy-Cut a cucumber into thick slices and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool. Place cold slices on the affected space and leave for 10-15minutes. Rinse with water. Repeat twice daily until results are visible.
  3. Almond oil remedy-Apply a small amount of almond oil to the affected area and gently massage for 3-4 minutes. Leave long and rinse with water consecutive morning. Repeat daily until results are visible.
  4. Lemon juice remedy-Use a cotton ball to apply a few drops of lemon juice to the affected space. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat regularly until results are visible.
  5. Potatoes for dark circles-Grate 1-2 Chilled potatoes to extract its juice. Use cotton to apply the juice to the affected space. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes & rinse with cold water. Repeat regularly until results are visible. Note– Alternatively place thick potato slices on the affected areas for 12-15 minutes.
  6. Turmeric remedy-Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and pineapple juice to make a paste. Apply to the affected space and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. Repeat daily until results are visible.
  7. Tomatoes for dark circles-Combine equal quantities of tomato juice and lemon juice. Use cotton apply the juice to the affected space. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat daily until results are visible.
  8. Apple remedy-Cut a ripe apple into thick pieces. Apply to the affected space for ½ n hour and rinse with cold water. Repeat regularly until results are visible.

Home remedies & Tips to get rid of Sunken Eyes


One of the important, primary and an effective home remedy for sunken eyes is to ensure you get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a day. Besides, it makes no hurt if you’re taking a tiny low nap throughout the day less than half n hour.

  1. Almond oil remedy-Apply almond oil under the eyes several times a day. Almond oil is wealthy in antioxidant, a nourishing vitamin for skin.
  2. Potatoes for sunken eyes-Slice the potatoes and place it on the affected spot for around 20 minutes. Alternatively, you should apply the juice of raw potato directly on the hollow spots.
  3. Tea bags-The sore and darker skin gets replenished with improved blood circulation. It also relaxes the eye muscles and soothes the nerves. You can place the nice & cozy further as cool tea bags as you need. It’s smart if you use green tea leaf luggage.
  4. Sunscreen-Never ever try to move out in the sun without wearing a moisturizing sunscreen. Invest some good quality moisturizing sunscreen to prevent further damage to the sunken eyes.
  5. Fish oil for eyes-Fish Oil is a good source of omega fatty acids that helps in making your skin smooth and healthy when it is applied topically around your eyes.
  6. Lemon-Extract the juice of fresh lemon & dilute with water. Apply this on skin around the eyes. Lemon juice may be a smart remedy for treating dark uneven skin and it helps in removing dead skin cells round the eyes.
  7. Diet-Eat healthy diet of dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach broccoli and collard greens to get rid of dark sunken eyes.

Home remedies & Tips to get rid of Puffy eyes


Sometimes, it only needs a splash of cold water on your eyes and face. You can even place some ice in the water to make it very cold. However, beware! Don’t apply this very cold water to the skin around your eyes over one or two of seconds!

  1. Spoon trick-Place 6-8 Spoons in the refrigerator and when they get very cold, take them out. Place 2 spoon on each of your closed eyes. When they get heat use consecutive two cold spoons & so on.
  2. Tea bags for puffiness-Take ice cold water in a cup. Dip 2 tea bags in it and take them out. Squeeze the tea bags. Lie down and close your eyes. Place the 2 chilled tea luggage on your eyes. You can use tea leaf, chamomile or green tea bags. The alkaloid tea helps constrict blood vessels to scale back swelling around eyes whereas the anti-irritants in flavoring teas reduce redness and inflammation. Let the tea luggage sit on your eyes for the time they attain traditional temperature. Dip them once more within the cold water and repeat the steps. Do for as long as you can, not exceeding half an hour.
  3. Avoid salt-While more salt in your diet can lead to the formation of eye bags, the salty warm water compress can reduce the same eye bags.
  4. Hydration is necessary-When your body gets deprived of water, it starts accumulating water as a defense. When you drink a varied amount of water, it will automatically release water resulting in reduced puffiness.
  5. Milk remedy-Dip cotton pads in chilled milk and place on eyelids while relaxing.
  6. Cucumbers-Take out that chilled cucumber from the vegetable basket and cut it into roundels. Take 2 slices and surrogate the remainder of them in the refrigerator. Now place the cucumber slices on your eyes and relax. Let them be there for the time until they get warm. Now take 2 slices out of the refrigerator and repeat.
  7. Egg white remedy-Beat 1-2 egg whites and apply in the area around your eyes with a brush or soft cloth, and leave till it dries up. Wash off. This remedy can lead to creating the realm around the eyes feel tighter and look less puffy.

Apart from these tips,foods that have a nice impact on your eye health include:

  • Fruits: Especially those wealthy in ailment C, (stock up on oranges, mangoes, and strawberries).
  • Vegetable: sources of ailment A, (Eat a lot of carrots, papaya, spinach, and mangoes).
  • High metallic element food sources: embody turkey, chicken yogurt and fortified cereals in your diet.
  • Wacky and seeds: like almonds, nuts and sunflower seeds are rich sources of Vitamin E.

For healthy eyes, try these natural tips:

  • Try to rest and obtain a minimum of eight hours of sleep nightly.
  • Exercise regularly to improve circulation. This way your eyes will get enough oxygen.
  • Do not rub your eyes, use clean cotton and a cleanser to clean your eyes.
  • Protect your eyes from sunrays by using sunglasses especially during the peak hour to avoid any damage.

For a lot of personalized approach, you can consult a dermatologist.

(Article by Shabnam AS)

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