Complete Guide To Heal A Popped Pimple And Prevent Scars

Yes, all of us hate pimples. They are painful, ugly and very irritating. So whenever we find one on our skin, there is an urge in us to prick and pop it up. But studies suggest us not to do so since it can lead to infections, scars, deep holes or more pimples!

Still, a lot of us continue to do so, just because we cannot handle them on our skin! A popped pimple along with the pimple scab looks uglier than the pimple itself! If you are here to find out the solution on how to heal a popped pimple and its scab, you are on the right website.

I have been researching ways to treat and heal pimples from quite a long time back. And my research and experiments always suggest that home remedies work best on pimples. Apart from it, there are a lot of hacks which helps heal pimples and reduce their re-occurrence.

So here is Complete Guide To Heal A Popped Pimple And Prevent Scars-

1. Clean the Pimple with warm water


When you pop a pimple, the area becomes swollen. The pus comes out of the skin leaving the area sunken and reddish. A lot of times the pus will reoccur at the same place and you may need to pop it out again and again. Once you do so, the area is very prone to bacterial infections. Thus you need to clean it first using water. Clean the area thoroughly with running water.

2. Apply Haldi(Turmeric) or Antibiotic Ointment


After you have cleaned the area, you need to dry it up so that bacterial growth doesn’t take place. After drying it up, you need to seal the area with an antibiotic ointment or Haldi. Personally, I like to seal my popped pimple with Haldi i.e Turmeric, since it is natural and helps dry up any leftover pus as well.

3. Avoid touching the pimple wound


Yes, I agree that a popped looks uglier than any other thing. But touching it won’t do any good. You need to restrain yourself from touching and spoiling it since you have already popped it and made it worse!

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Hacks and  Remedies to Reduce the Pimple Inflammation and Pus

1.Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel is known to absorb all the wet material and fluid out of the pimple and thus, excellent if you are looking out to reduce the size of the pimple and dry it up. Apply a small amount of witch hazel on the top of your popped pimple and repeat it every night until it heals.

2. Aloe vera Gel


Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for almost all skin problems. Applying aloe vera gel on the top of your pimple will keep the bacteria away, which will help your pimple to heal faster.

3. Calamine Lotion

Skin experts suggest using calamine lotion on the top of popped pimples to help reduce the inflammation and redness. It will also help in reducing the re-occurrence of more pimples.

4. Use Acne Absorbing Covers


We have acne absorbing covers, which are quite helpful in reducing the size of pimples overnight. You can use them when you need to attend a party or meeting the very next day. All you need to do is to apply the sticky side of the cover over your pimple and gently smoothen it. Remove it in the morning. The dressing would absorb any fluids and pus from the pimple and dry it up, making it look smaller and better than before!

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Things you should never do after Popping a Pimple!

1. Don’t Pick on the scab formed!


When you pick a pimple, a scab would be developed over it by the body’s healing mechanism. The body will try to do its best to heal the skin to its original form. If you will pick and remove the original scab, the body will have to regenerate it again, and most of the times it will not be as good as the first scab. Thus you may get scarring, deep holes, etc in your skin. Thus it is recommended that you don’t pick on the scab which forms in the very first go.

2. Let the skin breathe


Putting ointments and remedies over the popped pimple won’t help you either. Your skin needs oxygen to heal itself. Continuously covering the popped pimple with ointments and creams will not help it heal to its full. Thus you need to only do the treatment and night and let the skin breathe during the morning.

3. Don’t keep squeezing for more


A lot of us keep squeezing the pimple in order to make it flatter. but mind you, squeezing it won’t help it make flatter. The pus will come back until the bacterial infection heals(pus is basically white blood cells fighting off with the infection). In fact, squeezing will lead to deep scarring as well. Thus I would suggest not to squeeze the pimple and let it heal with the above-mentioned remedies.

Now once your popped pimple has healed to some extent, your second task is to reduce the scarring which was caused during the healing process. Don’t worry you don’t need to jump on for it to any other website since you can know how to get rid of those scars here How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Spots Naturally


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