Best Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety and Lead Peaceful Life

Are you tired of your so-called stress full schedule? Deadlines, traffic, pending work, 9 to 5 is all that you’re surrounded by? It high time to detox your life and kick out stress! If you’re thinking that it’s not possible to go on for a vacation for a breather or spend high bills on luxury spas is not your thing then no need to worry since I’m going to tell you easy home remedies to reduce stress levels at home! Stay tuned and read further.
Follow these simple home remedies to get rid of stress and live a healthy life!

1. Listen to soft music


Once you’re back from office get in comfortable dressing and relax. You’ve already been occupied with a lot of unnecessary sounds through the entire day, so play light music and have a ‘me’ time. It is very much important to have your ‘me’ time since you need to pamper yourself as well. With all those chaos in the entire day to balance the stress level and lower it down you need to take some time out. Better be that time when you’re back from office. Listening to soft music stimulates your nerves and relaxes your body.

2. Cut off cellular devices


Cellular devices emit harmful radiations; it makes you anxious and makes you feel uneasy. It is very important to cut off your phone usage when you are relaxing. Also at night time times, the radiations are much stronger as compared to day time. So it essential and advisable to either switch-off your phone or put it on airplane mode so that you are not tempted to use it. When you don’t use your cell phones at least from one hour before sleep you have it easy to fall asleep. You fall asleep faster ad get a sound sleep. Using devices before sleeping awakens your brain and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. So isolate your phone once back home.

3. Hot water therapy


Water is a relaxing agent and calms you down. You can have a hot water bath before sleeping or once you’re back from work. Light some fragrance candles in your bath area and light a dim light and relax in your bathtub with hot water. You can also try it this way; fill a small bucket with hot water and add some salt in it. Dip your feet in it. All day tiredness in your feet will fly away and you’ll feel really relaxed and will get a night of better sleep.

4. Meditate


Your busy schedule might not squeeze time in the morning for you to mediate. No worries this can be done once you’re home from work. Just sit back and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale the fragrance of your home and surrender yourself to your subconscious mind. Let the thoughts just run through your mind, don’t try to come onto a solution. Just feel the vibrations. This method will relax you completely and relive your stress.

5. Aromatherapy


Fragrances play a major role in playing with minds. You won’t be able to go on a vacation but you can create an atmosphere and a feeling of vacation at home itself. Buy some room fresheners that remind you of your favorite vacation or buy a freshner which contains essential oils to stimulate your nerves and give you a relaxed feeling. It can be great catalyst to reduce stress levels.

6. Plug into your favorite sounds


The main reason for stress and anxiety is lack of sleep and relaxation. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep at night due to many things going on in their mind. They cannot get over deadlines and future tasks and the worriedness for tomorrow doesn’t allow them to fall asleep. There are various apps available which comes with various sounds to help you meditate and even fall asleep. You have a variety of sounds to choose from or even create your own mixes. Sound of waterfall, lakes, nature, soothing musical instruments and so on. Keeping in mind the radiations at night, keep your phone at airplane mode and then play these sounds with earphones plugged in. You can also set timer to define till when the song will be played and you can relax since it will shut off automatically.

7. Exercise


Perform some light exercises. Perform neck rotation, hand stretches to stretch yourself out. There are various exercises to relax your muscles without much effort.

8. Lavender


Lavender can lower down stress levels and anxiety. Light a candle with the fragrance of lavender. Or else add some lavender oil in your bath. This can soothe and reduce stress. Well this can be extended beyond the boundaries of home. You can keep a car freshener with lavender flavor and start the relaxation process from the way back home itself.

9. Writing


Be attentive guys, you don’t need to be a writer for this method of reducing stress. There are a lot of things going on in your mind which you wouldn’t like to share it with anyone but you find it difficult to carry its weight in your heart. Just write down what you feel, how you feel, and some crazy stuff which you might not share with others. Trust me even if you’re not a diary person you will eventually fall in love with this method. If you keep things in your heart they stimulate negative vibes and lead to overthinking. It is always better to either speak out or write it down. Not sharing things will lead to depression and eventually a lot of diseases to pop up in old age. So start writing things in a diary, even if you have a stupid thought bothering you since it can be fun to read your diary years after and laugh at your innocence.

Give a try to these remedies and experience the change you want to see. And remember people it’s never too late to do something!

(Article contributed by Nidhi Malhotra)

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