Benefits Of Long Hair | Advantages Of Keeping Long Hair

From styling hair into sexy buns and sassy fishtails to washing and drying them like a pro?- all these are the benefits enjoyed by girls with short hair.

Yet, there is another segment of girls, having long hair naturally, without the use of any chemicals and salon treatments.

While girls with short hair flaunt their sexy hair, we-the girls with long hair are left with the same old hairstyles such as ponies(looks more like horsetail), traditional braids and other 90s stuff. And when it comes to hair wash, it’s one of the toughest tasks to complete! About a full bottle of shampoo and conditioner is sacrificed for the “mane goddess” every week.

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While girls with small hair sometimes crave for longer hair, we- the girls with long hair want to just chop off our ‘not so cool’ ponytail and join the group of shorter hair chicks.

But wait-If you are thinking of chopping your mane? off! I have a message? for you!

Don’t you ever dare to chop that off!?

You may not be aware but women from ages, have always craved for longer hair.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel lay down your hair.” Don’t these words remind you of Rapunzel’s beautiful, long hair? Well, girls, long hair is directly or indirectly related to beauty. A woman with long, luscious healthy hair is held as natural beauty. Having plans to get your beautiful long tresses chopped off? Here in this article, we will tell you why you shouldn’t.

Here is a list of advantages and benefits of long hair

Long Hair
Yes! I admit that having long hair makes us feel boring and monotonous, but wait! You never knew that some of the hairstyles actually looked best on ladies with long hair! We have long fishtail braid, messy buns, half dutch braid and N number of hairstyles which look best on long and thick hair!

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2. Allures Guys

Yes-you heard that right!

Long hair

Longer hair attracts men. From centuries ladies craved for long hair because it made them look more feminine and sexy. Shorter hair is generally classified as a male attribute. Even today, girls who wish to look tomboyish always keep shorter hair.

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3. Gives a feeling of youth

Why long hair are attractive

Longer hair tends to give a feeling of health and strength. We all know that with time, our hair tends to weaken and break easily and as we grow old our hair also loses its shine and vitality. So women with longer hair generally lose lesser hair and even if they lose a bit, it hardly makes it noticeable. On the other hand, women with shorter and thin hair can easily notice big differences by losing even a few strands!!

4. No need for expensive treatments

Long hair are beautiful

You may not know but thousands of women visit salons regularly so that they can add some length, width or volume to their hair. They use straighteners or wigs to add up lengths and hair extensions to give volume to their hair. So thank god to be lucky having naturally long and strong hair.

5. Makes your face look thinner

Benefits of long hair

While having shorter hair may make your face look heavier and age, carrying a hairstyle with long hair gives a natural charisma to your face and makes it appear thinner and youthful.

So are you still thinking of chopping off your tresses or are you convinced?

Benefits of long hair

 Bonus tips?

Well, here are some tips for the girls with super long hair who find their hair tangled and unmanageable.

Care Tips

1. Always well condition your hair with conditioner and serum.

2. Comb them frequently as combing your hair circulates blood in the scalp.

3. Have a deep oil massage therapy your hair once a week.

Styling tips

1.If you are looking for some experimentation with your boring braid, have some fringes and flicks in the front and let your hair at the back maintain the same length. So this way you can enjoy the benefits of both long and short hair.

2.     Have a color session for your hair. Adding up some highlights on your manes would give them a sassy look, without giving the sacrifice of your mane.
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3.   Try changing their look. Let them be in a bun sometimes, curly and wavy on the other day and finally straight and sleek on the special days!

Long hair benefits

Feel good to be a Rapunzel now? Are you now well aware of the benefits of long hair?

Let us know in the comments section below?

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