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How much do we love to be ourselves and show our real selves? Don’t we want to wear that cute little tank top and show off our beautiful self? But wait is that tan haunting you? Even skin tone just a mere dream, is that what you think? Don’t worry! There’s a solution to this very own problem of every girl out there! Vestige’s brand Assure Body Polish is the answer to all your questions for even skin tone and healthy looking beautiful skin!

About the product


Vestige’s very own brand Assure has come up with Body Polish to give your skin all it needs to fight the sun’s effect on your skin. It is a deep cleansing and foaming scrub that buffs away dead skin cells leaving the skin clean, soft and smooth and improves the skin texture and complexion. It soothes tired skin giving it an instant glow and healthy look. It polishes your skin cells to give it a healthy look and your skin doesn’t only looks healthy it feels healthy! It is enriched with Super-fruit complex, containing extracts of strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, mulberry, pomegranate, kiwi and raspberry that provides powerful antioxidants to the skin and helps to brighten, moisturize and soothe tired skin, giving it an instant glow and healthy look.

How to use Assure Body Polish?


Vestige Assure Body Polish very much user-friendly and doesn’t take much of your time. So ladies get ready to show off your inner glow without spending hours at parlor but by just pampering your skin at home.

  • Just apply a liberal amount onto hands.
  • Massage for a few minutes onto damp skin in a circular motion forming enough lather.
  • Continue rinsing for 4-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plain water.
  • Apply it on the tan affected area and give a new life to the tanned skin cells and reveal your very own lost glow.

With the blend of all the essential berries, you can brighten, moisturize and soothe your skin.

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Who can use Assure Body Polish?

Ever wondered where our glow goes once tanned? We never lost it, ladies! It was just covered by the dead skin cells. Anyone who would like to get back their original skin tone can use this product. No more expensive treatments in the parlor. This handy and inexpensive pack of Assure Body Polish can be even used by those who want to improve their skin texture and complexion. It buffs away dead skin cells which can add on to your beauty and make you ramp ready! Also the relaxing and refreshing strawberry fragrance makes you fall in love with your skin and attracts new admirers 😉


My experience with Assure Body Polish


I had very fair skin from childhood. One trip to the waterpark with an extreme level of chlorine in the water led to a heavy tan n my skin within a day. It took way longer for the tan to go and since I didn’t use anything specific for the tan I never got that bright glow back! Just a few months back when I resorted to organically made products released from direct selling companies I came across Assure Body Polish. With regular use, my skin looks healthier and I can see the difference even in my confidence. Fair skin is not the only way to look beautiful and I have learned this from Assure Body Polish. Healthy looking skin is the real answer to what beautiful looks like.

Quick Tip!

While massaging it on your skin for 4-5 minutes of span add a little drop of water in between 2-3 times for better and effective results. Use it daily for healthy looking skin and to develop a skin which can fight tan effectively and boost your confidence.

Will I continue using Assure Body Polish?

I’ll answer this question with an affirmation. So it’s a definite yes for Assure body Polish. With the nourishment of essential berries and a lovely fragrance reflecting feminism, I will continue using this product.

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Rating Time

I am definitely rating this product a 5/5 which is the least I can for what it blesses my skin with!

How to purchase Assure Body Polish?


As I mentioned that this product is released by a direct selling company named Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd, the product is available at the distribution centers of Vestige. No doubt the product is available online but there are chances of the product being a duplicate since direct selling companies don’t have a policy of selling their products online. You can buy it from your nearest distribution center or purchase it from a vestige distributor.

Price of Assure Body Polish

The price of the product is nothing in front of what it gives to your skin. It comes in a super handy pack of 150ml priced at 340INR.

Buying Options


You can either buy it from a Vestige distributor or else enroll yourself as a distributor which is free of cost as per company’s policy and you can then purchase it on your unique Id which you get after registration. In case you opt for registering and purchase it on your Id you get a chance to earn points and benefit from those points in form of money or voucher! Also, you get a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase directly from the distribution center on your very own Id. The company has also launched an App from which you can place your order at your own space and convenient time! So go ahead and bless your skin with Assure Body Polish Launched by Vestige Mktg Pvt Ltd.

(Article by Nidhi Malhotra)

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