8 Sexy Fashion-Essentials You Need to rock this Christmas!

We all love fashion trends and while they come and go there are some fashion essentials that every girl should have for a classic wardrobe. It’s all about the basics that will create every outfit.Regardless of where you’re celebrating the Christmas season this year, these 8 looks will effortlessly make you the chicest lady at the event. Regardless of whether you’re stuck at home watching reruns of the flash or gossip girl, celebrating in a major city, or enjoying the sun on some island, these looks are bubbly yet sufficiently adaptable with the goal that you can wear them again, here is a list of fashion trends that will complete your look.

Disregard the little black dress and toss your wrap around skirt out the window, because this season is all about
adventure. From the green ruffles, feathered embroidery, through to colored sequins, Christmas this year we will
see all kinds of high fashion runway style. Nothing is going to be off limits.

Sneak a peek at the eight outfit ideas and fashion essentials for Christmas below that will satisfy you’re every need for a classic wardrobe-

1. White T-shirt


This piece of clothing might not be the most extravagant but it is the most versatile. This piece can be styled with everything and make you look great. Whether you wear it as a crop top or a simple off-shoulder you can never go wrong with this piece. It can be worn with shorts, jeans, and skirts that will be ideal to enhance your tan.

2.Slip dress


Cool, comfy and casual. A slip dress can create a beautiful vibe for this Christmas. Whether you wear it to grab some gifts, go to movies or just a lazy brunch this piece will project a flawless look. This basic and simple look is fabulous for making you look effortlessly elegant. Never underestimate a woman in velvet underneath the mistletoe. Put a little décolletage in a dress with a deep neck area and accessorize with a clasp. Rich burgundy, boysenberry purple, emerald green, and dusty pink are the shades of the night- these colors will help you stand out among all at the Christmas party. Pair it with extravagant shoes and you’re the exemplification of comfortable chic.

3.A tote bag


No look is considered complete without a handbag. You will need a bag with you when you go to the beach to read and get a tan or when you are traveling. A tote bag can allow you to carry it all you’re sunglasses, wallet, water bottle, a change of shoes and some makeup. In fact, you can end up carrying around 20 pounds worth of stuff but surely you will look great while doing it.

4.Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses will not only make you look flattering and elegant but it’s also perfect to make you feel comfortable. One thing you will love about this piece is that you can wear it with flats or sneakers during the day and heels by night. Long, windy and billowy, the maxi is all that you need to be stylish yet elegant. A pair of statement hoops is an incredible tool for tackling dinner dates. Bejeweled, shoulder brushing sets add shimmer to simple blouses, while wearing one big metallic stud will give your outfit a little edge.

5.A wraparound dress


Pieces that are easygoing, agreeable and adaptable make for a portion of the best closet essentials. One of these essentials is a wrap around dress, and it is a must- have for this Christmas– perfect for office holiday parties, secret Santa and tree trimming gatherings. A wrap dress is an undeniable blessing for eating, enabling you to modify the midriff post-supper. You just need to search for the correct one for you, regardless of whether it’s plain, striped or sequinned. Decide on a pair of fancy flats or shoes that empower you to run in them. Set yourself apart from your fellow party goers and choose an energetic midi dress over a mini. The high street is flooded with elegant below-the-knee dresses go for a different style like a heavy pattern, metallics or voluminous sleeves. Invest into one, and after that accessorize with small earrings, allowing the dress to be the focus.

6.Shirt diaries


There is nothing a shirt can’t do. With sleeves that could have a volume or just be off the shoulder – all could offer a beautiful look for the day and night. Layer it up with a satin belt that could serve for a chic party ensemble. Pair it with satin pumps and long crystal earrings.


7.Bustier Dress


ScarJo has the equation down—extraordinary pants in addition to a bustier in addition to an overlaid belt breaks even with real night moment. A bustier is simply adorable and can go for a more easygoing methodology that doesn’t need in sultry-appeal. They can work well both day and night, with maybe flared pants or skinny jeans. Thick belts can allow defining your midsection which is always a smart thought—particularly for photograph.



A jumpsuit is a brilliant New Year’s Eve choice; cozy for when you need to hit the dance floor, however maybe not a party piece you wear all through the rest of the year. Have a go at including some large, unstructured hoops for a modern interpretation of disco jewelry, and an impressive sling to complete the outfit.

So we hope you will definitely shop these fashion essentials and rock the christmas party this year!

(Article contributed by- Dweta Patel)

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