5 Habits That Are Causing Skin Damage And Early Aging


Self Care is a Divine Responsibilty

Skincare is like dieting. You definitely need to invest time and effort to it. There is no instant miracle to get a glowing and youthful skin. If you think that using expensive and branded products will help you get the skin like models and actresses, then you are wrong!

 A good lifestyle and skincare routine is all that it takes to get a beautiful skin, without the use of any expensive products.
 Here is a list of some of the common mistakes we do every day, which is harming our skin and making it dull and ugly-

1. Not cleaning your face at night


After a long tiring day, it is very common to sleep like a panda, without changing clothes and removing any accessories and makeup. This is the daily routine of every girl who is a workaholic. But trust me, this habit of yours is playing havoc with your skin!

After a long day out, you carry back lots of bacteria, germs, pollution, dust particles and dried makeup on your face. So, it a must clean your face after you come back home, with a mild cleanser. Otherwise, what would happen is your pores will get clogged with makeup and dust, the germs on your face will pave way for pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and scars.


2. Skipping the sunscreen on a sunny day


Some people fear sun soo much that they don’t even keep their foot out without using a sunscreen. While there are others, who just keep roaming around in sun like a pro. Walking in sun for some time is not bad, it is good to have some amount of sunshine for the production of vitamin D.But if you have planned to go on a beach without sunscreen or having a girls day out in the sun for long hours, then my dear you surely need to worry!

Prolonged exposure of sunlight to the skin will damage it from within. It will not only lead to tanning and sunburn but also cell damage. So if you have planned to be out on a hot summer day, always carry a sunscreen with you.

3. Not doing exfoliation and moisturization


Well, this is something which every girl must be missing out. Exfoliation is a necessary process, which helps in removing the dead skin cells from the skin. Gentle exfoliation after every 15 days is a must and should be done without any delay if you wish to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Likewise, moisturization is also a very important thing, especially if you have a combination or dry skin. Moisturization brings back the essential oils back to your skin which is washed away by facewashes.

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4. Eating too much-processed foods


In the era of social media, our social circles have immensely enlarged and thus regular outings have also increased. All this has led to the regular usage of processed and fast food. Studies claim that regular intake of processed and fast food speeds up the aging process.Eating fruits, veggies and nuts release antioxidants into our bloodstream and thus help our bodies to heal from within and heal cell damage and reverse aging.

5.Touching your face too frequently


Yes, this is the deadliest thing you are doing every day. You touch your phone, then touch your skin, you type on your laptop then touch your skin. This way you are transferring all the bacteria and germs from the laptop and cellphones screen to your face. It is a very unhealthy practice. Try using sanitizer at the workplace. Stop yourself from touching your face too frequently, touching the zits and acne, which will only irritate them and cause further inflammation.

So these were some of the habits which you definitely need to quit if you want your skin to be healthy, glowing and youthful.

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