10 Trendy Fashion Hacks To Look Taller And Slimmer In Jeans


Everybody’s shape is pretty in its own kind. But still, some of us feel uncomfortable with how our bodies look in some attires. Let’s be real here-not every one of us has the time to hit the gym and lose those extra pounds to look sexy.

Looking like a model is everyone’s wish, but many of us cannot wait for getting in the perfect shape. But the good news here is that some of the clothing hacks can make you look slimmer and taller! Yes, you heard it right. You can look slimmer overnight without hitting the gym or dieting. Here we will discuss some of the hacks and tricks which will make you look slimmer and Taller in Jeans

1. Go for Bell Bottoms Jeans


Bell Bottoms Jeans make you look taller and Slimmer

Bell bottoms Jeans are one of the best styles ever created. A bell bottom jeans are the one which is fitted around the butts and thighs and bell-shaped or wider from the bottom. This style of jeans highlight your assets and make you look slimmer. Apart from this, the large bell-shaped bottom hides your heels under it, and hence you naturally appear taller. So if you want to look slimmer in Jeans, go for bell bottom jeans.

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2. Choose Skinny Jeans with Stilettos

Skinny jeans along with a pair of stilettos or nude heels can make your legs look longer and hence slimmer

One of the easiest ways to make your legs look slimmer in Jeans is to wear skinny jeans with a pair of stilettos, preferably a nude pair of heels. This makes an illusion of longer legs and hence you look taller and slimmer than you actually are!

3.Wear Darker colors

If you are plus sized, always opt for a darker shade of Jeans, which will make you look taller and slimmer

Darker colors make you look slimmer whereas bright colors make you look chubby. So if you are having heavy thighs, go for a dark shade of jeans such as black, dark blue, etc. Alternatively, if your upper body is heavier than the lower, then choose a dark-colored top such as black, dark green, dark blue, etc with lightly shaded jeans.

4.Accessorize Jeans with Jackets or Shrugs

        accesorize-with-shrugs-to-look-sli wear-shrugs-and-jackets-to-look-slimmer

Accessorizing Jeans with jackets or shrugs not only makes you look stylish but also hides problematic areas like heavy hips, thighs, waist, etc and make you look slimmer

Wearing a Jacket or shrug on the top of your attire will make you look slimmer and taller naturally. The long shrug or jacket would hide your heavy thighs, hips, waist area and you will look more defined.

5.Opt for a High Waist Jeans


High waist jeans somehow manage to hide your plus sized waist, as well as create an illusion of longer legs, which indirectly makes you look slimmer

High waisted jeans not only make you look taller but also slimmer because it creates an illusion of longer legs. So if you are a chubby girl with a short heigh, high waisted jeans can help you to solve both the problems-look slimmer as well as look taller.

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6. Consider the fade of Jeans


Jeans with the center fading can create an illusion of slimmer legs, but avoid going for fading at the hip area or thigh area

There are so many fades and rinses available in jeans. But if you want to look slimmer as well as taller, opt for jeans with a faded shade at the center of the leg. It will make your legs look longer than they are and thus also help make them look slimmer. However, be careful not to buy jeans which have fade style at the back area around hips or at the center near thighs as it will highlight that area and make them look even heavier.

7. Say no to distressed jeans


Distressed jeans, often with a light shade will make you look heavier than you actually are!

It is true that distressed jeans look classy and fashionable but if you have a heavy body, always avoid this Jeans. Distressed jeans are often light in shade and have cuts at various sections, which highlight your heavier areas and hence leave no chance for you to look thinner.

If you really wish to wear this, at least choose one that has lesser cuts and is darker in color to minimize the heavy appearance.

8. Pay attention to the rear end

Always go for Jeans with the right sized pockets, which are correctly placed

Whenever buying Jeans, always pay close attention to it’s pocket’s design. The wrong set of pockets can make your butt look even heavier than it is. So if you want to look taller and slimmer, always try jeans and see if its pockets are of the right shape and correctly placed or not.

9. Choose jeans that cut at the ankle

Tapered jeans, or jeans with a cut at the ankle, which exposes your ankle can make your legs look longer and slimmer

Buying jeans which are cut at the ankle or more precisely tapered jeans, will make you look longer as well as slimmer. When you highlight your ankle, it creates an illusion of longer legs and hence makes you look both slimmer and taller. Also, avoid shoes that hide your ankle inside them.

10. Pair your jeans with Frilly Tops


Frilled tops can balance your upper body with the lower body and make your figure look more beautiful

If you have heavy thighs or hips, you should opt for a crop top with ruffles and frills, as it will balance your lower body with the upper body and make your overall figure look balanced. Even if you have a heavy top body, the frills will hide your fat. However, a person with the heavy upper body should not opt for a crop top. If going for a crop top, always match it with high waist jeans otherwise your tummy section will make the overall figure unbalanced.



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